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The Benefits of Working with a Private Jeweler 

When you’re purchasing an engagement ring or piece of fine jewelry - such as a diamond pendant necklace - a lot goes into the buying process. With so much on the line, it’s important to work with someone you can fully trust and confide in to execute your vision and have your interests top of mind. 

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Bringing Bridal Style to Boston - A Residency at The Brownstone

Inside our first ever bridal style residency at The Brownstone. In 2023, we hosted L.A.-based Stylist Olivia Ivey Bannock and NYC-based designer Lesea Berry at The Brownstone for an unforgettable event. Olivia, Lesea and myself were beyond excited to collaborate together for a dynamic and synergistic event that celebrated luxury bridal style - something I am eager to bring to my clients in Boston. Read more.

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Fine Jewelry Perfect for Self Gifting

Valentine’s Day gifting often comes with all-too conservative assumptions of who should be gifting that something special, and who enjoys the most from that declaration of love. This year, we are asking our clients to redefine the narrative by crafting your own Valentine’s Day experience, by embracing the empowering act of self-gifting.

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3 Classic Fine Jewelry Pieces To Invest In For Your Personal Capsule Collection

Jewelry always has sentimental value, but there are certain pieces that hold great weight in building out a capsule collection - pieces that will feel timeless and chic season after season. We're sharing our top three picks.

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Style Moment: Getting Wedding Ready with Anna Babayan Skincare

I believe that confidence stems from within, and that beauty can be a reflection of someone’s personal style, just like the jewelry they wear. Today I’m excited to introduce you to Anna Babayan - an experienced skincare expert who works with brides leading up to the wedding day and beyond. Read more in this Style Moment.

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Love x HF Story: The design journey behind Madison's custom marquise engagement ring

Madison and Edward came to Hannah Florman Fine Jewelry with a vision to redesign an engagement ring, using rare family heirloom stones for a modern look. Read more about the custom process in this special blog feature.

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Trend alert: Lab Diamonds

Diamonds are the April birthstone and with so much talk around lab grown diamonds, we thought it may be beneficial to share some insights around these beautiful stones. Renowned for their beauty and strength, diamonds are the most popular stone used in engagement rings, and for good reason. The stone is tasteful, timeless and easily complements a wide variety of other fine jewelry you may have in your collection.

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Three pieces of diamond jewelry to complete your wardrobe

Fine jewelry, for many of our clients, serves as both a way to display their personal style but also as a way to celebrate and honor people and milestones in our lives. Fine jewelry can also be a way to show ourselves love, which is incredibly powerful. Today, we are sharing the five diamond jewelry pieces that together make up a well-rounded, beautiful capsule collection.

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Shopping for an Engagement Ring? Try a Private Jeweler

The experience of designing a diamond engagement ring should feel memorable! Hannah Florman, private jeweler in Boston, reflects on why working with a private jeweler can offer clients so much more in terms of value, access to coveted stones and customization.

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Tips for Traveling with Fine Jewelry

Do you know the best ways to pack, store and travel with your fine jewelry? Whether you’re taking a big trip abroad, a road trip adventure, a beach vacation or a small weekend getaway, you’re probably questioning what jewelry to bring - because while the trip will be fun and memorable, the packing part isn’t. Following these tips will eliminate stress and ensure that your jewelry remains safe and scratch-free during your trip.

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Which Diamond Shape Is Right For Your Hand?

There is a perfect, ideal diamond engagement ring for you! Let Hannah Florman, private jeweler in Boston, help you discover the various diamond stone shapes to find the right cut that accentuates your hand.

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Statement Pieces

The Ultimate Fine Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

This special roundup of holiday gift ideas may inspire you to go custom this year and design a piece of fine jewelry that will last a lifetime (and beyond). From classic graduated diamond necklaces to contemporary rings with fancy gems, this is the season to get creative and bring your dreams to life. Here are our top picks!

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Engagement Ring Pricing Guide for Round Cut

Is a spectacular, sophisticated round cut diamond engagement ring on your mind? The round diamond is the epitome of style, sophistication and impact. In this Q&A, I’ll summarize the best way to maximize your engagement ring purchase.

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Choosing the perfect custom wedding band

Your wedding band shouldn’t be an afterthought - it's a significant piece of jewelry. Hannah Florman, private jeweler in Boston, reveals how to consider your wedding band as a unique piece, but one that complements your engagement ring!

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Style Moment: Bridal fashion stylist, Gabrielle Hurwitz

Your engagement ring accentuates a cohesive bridal fashion look - so today, Hannah Florman welcomes bridal fashion stylist Gabrielle Hurwitz to the blog. Read Gabrielle's tips to curating a stunning, timeless bridal moment for your wedding day!

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Style Moment with custom wedding stationer, Gus & Ruby Letterpress

I am so excited to chat with another local bridal industry designer, Gus & Ruby Letterpress, who specializes in luxury paper items for weddings, events and personal stationery and lifestyle gifts at their adorable shop on Charles Street in Boston. Click to learn more.

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Guide for Designing Heirloom Engagement Rings & Fine Jewelry

There are some really stunning ways to repurpose heirloom diamonds or gemstones into a custom engagement ring or piece of fine jewelry. Today, I’m sharing a few pieces of advice that you may find useful if considering using heirloom stones in a new piece of jewelry.

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fine jewelry

4 Best Practices for Fine Jewelry Care

With proper care of your fine jewelry, your pieces will not only look better but last a lifetime! Here are four simple habits for cleaning, storing and wearing your fine jewelry will ensure they always stay brilliant and intact.

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Alisa Neely

Style Moment: Boston's best personal stylist Alisa Neely of Style Scout

Today's Style Moment highlights Alisa Neely, a sought after personal stylist for distinguished clients throughout the Boston region and around the country. We've worked together on many occasions and Alisa is here to share her best style advice - from how to refresh your wardrobe to accessorizing.

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Gabrielle Hurwitz

Style Moment: 2023 Bridal Fashion Inspiration with Gabrielle Hurwitz

Today, I'm excited to welcome Gabrielle Hurwitz, a bridal fashion stylist specializing in luxury weddings and fashion-forward editorials, to comment on bridal fashion trends for 2023! Read on for her top gown selections, designer obsessions and engagement ring pairings.

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PT II: Designing your custom wedding bands & diamond eternity rings

In Part II, we dive further into the finer details of designing your custom wedding bands and eternity bands for everyday wear. There’s a world of possibility when it comes to styling wedding bands and stacks of diamonds.

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PT I: Designing your custom wedding bands

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Danielle Marcus, who works with Hannah Florman clients who are creating custom wedding bands and some fine jewelry pieces. "What is so spectacular about working with clients at Hannah Florman fine jewelry, is the ability to make their diamond dreams a reality." Read Part I on designing your custom wedding bands to learn more about our process.

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Popping the question? Take inspiration from these recently engaged clients

Every single engagement ring is so different from the next, and working with clients to create a piece that’s truly custom to their style and needs is exciting. I love hearing about the engagement proposals to follow, and I'm sharing three beautiful beginnings with you today. Enjoy!

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Proposing soon? Engagement ring design inspiration from couples

There’s no better way to understand the potential of working with a private jeweler than to experience the custom process through the eyes of a client. Today, Hannah Florman, private jeweler in Boston, takes you through a journey of three different projects - all special in their own right - in hopes of helping you better envision what it may be like to create a custom engagement ring!

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What Are The Most Popular Diamond Cuts?

Are you looking for a timeless engagement ring that will always feel in style no matter the present day style trends? Hannah Florman shares the four engagement ring cuts that prevail. Explore what round, oval, cushion and antique cut engagement rings can offer!

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How the custom engagement ring design process works

Designing a custom engagement ring is an exciting process for everyone involved. For the client, a world of possibilities lie ahead - because we are crafting something completely new and unique to you. As the designer, my creative mind kicks into high gear starting with fine diamond selection, ring setting design, CAD renderings and finally the presentation of a beautiful heirloom quality engagement ring. Let me take you through the entire process from start to finish!

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How to get more for your engagement ring budget

How do you maximize your financial investment and design a ring that will be loved for a lifetime? Hannah Florman, private jeweler in Boston, pulls the curtain back on a few strategies to get the most for your money when designing a custom engagement ring.

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How to find the right private jeweler

Choosing a private jeweler to create an engagement ring is the most important step in the design process and should not be overlooked. I encourage all clients to do their due diligence to find the one. And once you have, trust that person completely. Worried about finding the right private jeweler? Here are some questions to ask before committing.

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How long do custom engagement rings take to create?

One of the first questions I am asked when the custom engagement ring design process begins is how many weeks a client can expect it all to take. You may be planning a big proposal - and I want to make sure it unfolds just as you have imagined!

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The Most Romantic Places to Propose in Boston

You’ve designed your custom engagement ring and now you’re ready to propose! Whether you’re a long time Bostonian or visitor, Boston’s rich history and diverse landscape makes it the perfect place to get engaged.

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Ask A Custom Engagement Ring Designer

As a private jeweler creating custom engagement rings, I have the opportunity to work closely with so many clients who often come into the process who share questions - from exploring design possibilities to maximizing their budget and more.

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How do engagement rings get priced?

A custom engagement ring is an investment that should be understood and trusted. With knowledge about how engagement rings are priced, you’ll feel confident making decisions during the custom design process. Let me help you understand a few of the important factors that impact the final price of your diamond engagement ring.

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Classic, Contemporary + Non Traditional Engagement Rings

Hannah Florman, private jeweler in Boston, works with every client personally when creating a custom engagement ring. This process starts with understanding the essence of personal style - which is explored through this blog post!

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