Ask a custom engagement ring designer

February 1, 2023


As a private jeweler creating custom engagement rings, I have the opportunity to work closely with so many clients who often come into the process who share questions - from exploring design possibilities to maximizing their budget and more.

Q: If I'm looking for a timeless design that won't feel tired in a few years, which cuts are your favorite? A: Round will always be timeless. I also find cushion cuts (blog post here) and emerald cuts to be very classic and timeless. Ovals are very in-trend right now, and I don't think they will ever be out of style.


The perfect pair! A gold custom solitaire engagement ring and wedding band

Q: Why do you use a GIA certification? Is it the most reliable? What does it tell you? 

A: The GIA certificate basically solidifies the quality of your diamond. GIA is the most highly respected institution, with the most rigorous grading system. The best and highest quality diamonds are sent there. For example, a diamond graded F color by another institute might be graded as an H or I by GIA! GIA diamonds hold their value the best over time, if you ever try to trade or sell your diamond, the jeweler can never argue with you about the quality of the stone. All that being said, please keep in mind there are many factors that affect the diamond’s value and beauty that are not captured on the certification - this is part of the value that a private jeweler can provide. We can inspect the stone for inclusions, oils or other imperfections. 

Custom cushion cut engagement ring with baguettes, Hannah Florman Private Jeweler


Q: If I want to upgrade a ring, what are some creative arrangements or designs you love most? 

A: If you are ready to part with your original diamond, we can trade in your original stone and credit you towards a new diamond, which is how you get the best value for your diamond if you ever decide to sell it. We can make a "bigger" version of your original ring, to keep with the original design, or if your taste or lifestyle has changed, we can do something completely different. If you are looking to keep your original diamond, we can add diamond accents (think larger side stones or a diamond designed band) or an interesting halo design like with blue sapphires or even a baguette halo. 


Q: What's your take on lab grown diamonds? 

A: I source lab diamonds by request for clients, but if you have the budget, I always recommend natural. Natural diamonds hold value over time, whereas lab diamonds usually don't retain much value (with a higher supply than natural diamonds). I find the sweet spot with lab grown diamonds to be for budgets between 5-10k. Especially with natural diamond prices rising, a lot of clients have trouble getting the carat weight they want in that budget with a natural diamond. If you're spending more than $10,000, you should be trying to optimize your budget for a natural diamond so you have some retained value over time.


Q: When I work with a private jeweler am I paying up for a marked up diamond? 

A: A good private jeweler should be giving you a fair price on the diamond, nearly as marked up as a larger retail store or store like Tiffany & Co or Cartier. Private jewelers generally have lower overhead costs than retail stores, and really strong connections with dealers to get you the highest quality, most coveted and valuable stones that fit your budget. 


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