Which diamond shape is right for your hand?

February 1, 2023


There is a perfect, ideal diamond engagement ring for you! Let Hannah Florman, private jeweler in Boston, help you discover the various diamond stone shapes to find the right cut that accentuates your hand.

Clients always ask us what shapes are best to suit their lifestyle and physical attributes - and fingers vary from person to person. Choosing the right shape and setting can really accentuate your natural features. Here is a quick guide: 

Is you have shorter fingers...

  • Rectangular emerald-shaped diamonds can lengthen short fingers, as long they aren’t so big they overwhelm.
  • Oval, pear or marquise diamonds help lengthen the appearance of your finger.
  • Go with a slender, narrow-width bands to the illusion of length.

If you have wider fingers...

  • Generally diamond stones make wide fingers look even wider. If you pick an oval, marquise, or emerald, look for a diamond that is “chubbier” versus “skinny”
  • Square-cushions and round diamond in a larger setting flatter wider fingers.
  • Choose a medium to thick band,
  • Angular shapes and asymmetrical designs both minimize the width of the finger.

If you have slender and long fingers...

  • Slender hands shouldn’t be overwhelmed by a huge diamond. Pick a size that is proportional to your hand.
  • Oval, marquise and pear cut diamonds tend to make the fingers look skinnier and longer. Avoid these shapes if you don’t want the illusion of longer and skinnier fingers.
  • Round, rectangle cushion, princess and emerald cuts all look flattering on a skinny band.
  • Stick with a thinner band

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