Three pieces of diamond jewelry to complete your wardrobe

March 22, 2023


Fine jewelry, for many of our clients, serves as both a way to display their personal style but also as a way to celebrate and honor people and milestones in our lives. Fine jewelry can also be a way to show ourselves love, which is incredibly powerful. Today, we are sharing the five diamond jewelry pieces that together make up a well-rounded, beautiful capsule collection.

The tennis bracelet / tennis necklace

This piece can effortlessly transition from daytime, with a white tee and jeans to nighttime cocktails with a great dress and heels. There’s the straight tennis necklace style, a graduated diamond necklace, and either style with only half the necklace in diamonds and the rest with an adjustable chain. We can play with the prong style to suit your personal taste and lifestyle. 

Our team’s favorite arrangement? The three-prong diamond necklace features a ‘flowing’ river of diamonds the same size from end to end - a beautiful way to highlight your neckline without feeling too heavy.

The three-prong diamond necklace from Hannah Florman Fine Jewelry

A statement ring

Sometimes bold is best. It’s nice to have one signature statement piece that feels like the ‘wow’ moment of a simpler outfit. Think about color, mixed metals, and unique fancy cuts. Eternity bands feel more traditional, but also pack a punch particularly with fancy cut stones like ovals. A less conventional ring may be something incorporating a stone like onyx, rubies or sapphires (a very popular gemstone nowadays), an infinity band or a striking wraparound style. Let’s design something that feels fun to bring out for an appearance!

A statement ring? Try three.
A bold yet balanced diamond ring, with personality.

Solitaire diamond earrings

An essential wardrobe staple, solitaire earrings are versatile and have incredible longevity. You may opt for a contemporary bezel setting or a classic solitaire prong set. Either are beautiful and have a striking appearance. They are durable enough for everyday wear and don’t need to be removed as often as other fine jewelry like your custom engagement ring. We’ve repurposed stones from family heirlooms into new, brilliant earrings as well - we love getting creative. While many clients still opt for natural diamonds for an engagement ring, given the sentimental ties, using lab grown diamonds for more casual, everyday pieces like stud earrings can be a great option. Prices fluctuate often, but you may be surprised at the value you can get by choosing lab grown stones. We only use certified lab grown diamonds of high quality and clarity - and the appearance is indistinguishable from a natural diamond. 

Fancy bezel diamond earrings are the perfect wardrobe go-to

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