Our Guide to Using a Family Heirloom Stone in Your Engagement Ring

April 25, 2024


Incorporating a family heirloom stone into your engagement ring not only preserves a family legacy but also ensures your ring is truly one-of-a-kind. Celebrate love and family with a timeless heirloom piece.

Family heirloom stones carry unparalleled sentimental value, incorporating one into a redesigned engagement ring can add an extra layer of significance to one of the most important symbols of love and commitment. However, before you opt to use an heirloom stone for a redesign, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. 

This 3.02 carat old European sample features an antique cut and a vintage feel, highlighted by its 8 prongs, set in 14k yellow gold.

Whether it's your mother's earrings she wore on her wedding day, your Bubbe’s engagement ring that was passed down to you, or loose stones your grandfather never set, you should have a general understanding of the stone’s significance as it’s important for everyone involved to be prepared to part with the current design. Consulting with family members who have a sentimental attachment to the piece can be a respectful gesture before making any changes. When we begin the process, we will examine your heirloom piece to determine how best to proceed and guide you in discerning a new design. One thing to keep in mind is when we set heirloom stones, we do require a $500 design fee for the workmanship required in ring remodeling.

Before we begin designing your engagement ring with a family heirloom stone, we recommend you prepare your stone by  having it appraised and insured. This provides a clear understanding of the stone's characteristics and guarantees its protection against unforeseen circumstances, safeguarding its financial and sentimental value. After the appraisal and insurance, it's time to give your heirloom stone some TLC. A deep clean can breathe new life into the stone, refreshing it for its new role as the centerpiece of your engagement ring. This ensures your stone looks its best, rejuvenating its luster and brilliance. For stones passed down through generations, it can symbolize a fresh start for the new wearer.

This bezel setting adds a modern touch to this bespoke piece.

As we move forward with the design process, our focus will remain on honoring the integrity of the stone while creating a ring that reflects your individual style. From a simple update of the setting to a complete transformation, working with a private jeweler allows you to bring your vision to life. Be prepared to tell us what you don’t like about the current design—is it the plating, the prongs, the stone's setting, or the shape? We will help you decide what changes are needed to modernize your ring. We may decide it simply needs a new setting that changes the height of the stone or to add additional side stones for extra detail. It is worth noting that if you're unhappy with the shape or size of the stone, we advise against cutting it, as this could risk damage and waste precious material. However, we will explore options such as a custom setting to alter its silhouette to change the overall appearance without compromising the stone's condition.

A timeless three-stone ring.

In a world where everything seems to move at lightning speed, there's comfort in the timeless traditions that connect us to our roots. Using a family stone for an engagement ring is not just a nod to the past; it's a celebration of love, family, and the stories that bind us together. If you’re ready to transform an existing piece into a bespoke engagement ring, we’d love to meet with you. Contact us today to begin the journey.

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