Style Moment: Bridal fashion stylist, Gabrielle Hurwitz

February 1, 2023


Your engagement ring accentuates a cohesive bridal fashion look - so today, Hannah Florman welcomes bridal fashion stylist Gabrielle Hurwitz to the blog. Read Gabrielle's tips to curating a stunning, timeless bridal moment for your wedding day!

Gabrielle Hurwitz is a bridal fashion stylist specializing in luxury weddings and fashion-forward editorials. Obsessed with all things weddings since she was a little girl, Gabrielle has channeled that passion into helping brides find the wedding dress of their dreams and working with the industry’s top planners and photographers to creative direct and style photo shoots around the world. After three years working as the head of social and editorial content at Style Me Pretty, she launched Gabrielle Hurwitz Bridal Styling in 2018. Follow her work on Instagram! 

If a bride is struggling to communicate her bridal vision, what are some ways she can tap into that style and bring it to life? 

When a bride is struggling to put into words what her dream dress looks like, I always ask her how she wants to feel on her wedding day, not what her dream wedding dress looks like. It seems like a small distinction but it’s an important one. There are thousands of lace A-line gowns for example, but does she want to feel sexy? Timeless? Romantic? Those adjectives will be more helpful in narrowing down your style than specific design elements or a silhouette. 

I also always recommend you think about the wedding dress as part of the bigger design of the event. The fashion is a piece of the puzzle so consider the venue, the time of year, the dress code, and the overall aesthetic — those elements will also help inform the vision for the fashion.

Finally, feel free to pull inspiration images that aren’t related to weddings: runway fashion, magazine fashion editorials, interior design, artwork, etc. Those images will also help you narrow in on a clear vision.

I specialize in custom engagement ring design, and believe in the beauty of possibilities when you’re talking about bespoke fashion. But, it can sometimes be overwhelming when a client considers all the ways to personalize a piece. Any advice for staying sane and making thoughtful decisions when designing a custom gown? 

Before you go custom, make sure it’s the right decision for you. It takes a lot of imagination and trust in both the process and the designer, and it’s honestly not for everyone, but the results can be incredible. Do your research and make sure you find a designer that’s a good fit for you in terms of their overall aesthetic and portfolio, but also their personality. 

I think the key to custom is going in with a very clear vision. Pull lots of reference photos of details you like and dislike, everything from fabrics and silhouettes to finishes and treatments. The more thorough and explicit, the better. Then, when you meet with the designer, share all these references with them, but also keep an open mind to their suggestions and ideas. 

engagement ring
Hannah Florman diamond engagement ring

An engagement ring can be an ‘anchor’ for other accessories she wears - any tips on how to select accessories that complement her engagement ring for the wedding day? 

The engagement ring is arguably the most important accessory on your wedding day (before you get your wedding band at least), but I don’t necessarily think it needs to dictate your other jewelry choices if you don’t want it to. Feel free to mix metals and play with different shapes and designs. Your engagement ring is kind of like a little black dress — it’ll go with everything! That said, if you have a vintage-inspired ring or something super modern, I’d probably recommend sticking with the same era or feeling with your other wedding day jewels. 

Engaged! Rebecca Yale Photography, Bridal Styling by Gabrielle Hurwitz

A few fun quick fire questions: 

  • Most loved bridal gown shops in the world? Oh gosh, I worry this question could get me in trouble ha but some that come to mind: LOHO Bride (Los Angeles), Oscar de la Renta (Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London), Monique Lhuillier (Los Angeles, New York), NWLA (Los Angeles), Jin Wang Bride (San Francisco), Carolina Herrera (New York and Dallas), Warren Barron (Dallas), Mark Ingram Atelier (New York), SPINA Bride (New York), Ultimate Bride (Chicago), Dimitra’s Bridal Couture (Chicago), The Sentimentalist (Atlanta), Ever After (Miami), Chic Parisien (Miami), Carine’s Bridal Atelier (DC), Casa de Novia (Houston), Mandi Jackson (Atlanta), Lovely Bride (Various), Vera Wang (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York), Danielle Frankel (New York), L’Elite Bridal (Boston), Stone Bridal (Laguna Beach), The Dress Theory (San Diego, Nashville, Seattle)
  • Preloved - in or out? Preowned dresses are a great option for brides on a stricter budget or who are prioritizing sustainability. That said, be mindful if any alterations have already been made as most preowned dresses are final sale and alterations will affect the fit so it may not fit like the size on the tag.

If you were to collaborate with any designer for a custom collection, who would that be and what draws you to their work? I’m constantly blown away by Oscar de la Renta’s collections. They find a way to balance tradition with modernity, whimsy with sophistication, and joy with romance to make the most beautiful pieces.

Thank you, Gabrielle! So happy to bring your knowledge to my brides. Ready to design your engagement ring or wedding band? Let's chat.

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