What Are The Most Popular Diamond Cuts?

February 1, 2023


Are you looking for a timeless engagement ring that will always feel in style no matter the present day style trends? Hannah Florman shares the four engagement ring cuts that prevail. Explore what round, oval, cushion and antique cut engagement rings can offer!

What Are The Most Popular Diamond Cuts?

Round Cut Diamond

Round cut engagement rings are classic and continue to be the most popular choice amongst brides. According to GIA, over 60% of couples continue to pick a round stone for their main stone and I don’t see this trend changing anytime soon. In fact, I expect even more couples to stick with a round diamond for their center stone this year. The smooth, elevated circular shape along with exceptional sparkle and extreme versatility make a round stone the perfect choice and great investment as well… I often remind my clients that this is the perfect stone to build off of in the future! 

Oval Cut Diamond

Ovals have been wildly popular in recent years. The oval is a more contemporary look compared to a traditional round, but still extremely elegant and classy. The elongated shape of the oval takes up more of the bride's finger, and therefore makes the stone appear larger than it actually is. For example, a 1.5 carat oval cut ring would look much larger than a 1.5 round cut ring because of its longer, more slender shape, even though they are the same carat weight.  Ovals will continue to be a popular choice due to their versatility as they can stand alone or be paired with other stones and match many different settings. 

Cushion Cut Diamond

In recent years, cushion cut rings have become a highly sought-after choice among brides due to their unique, pillow-like shape and extra sparkle. Cushion cuts are a perfect mix between a round and square shape, and between modern and classic style. While there are several different types of cushion cut rings to choose from, the elongated cushion cuts really complement a woman’s fingers, giving that illusion of a longer, slender form. I expect both the Cushion Cut and Elongated Cushion Cut will continue to be a popular choice into 2022 + beyond.  

Antique cuts (old mines and old euros)

Antique cut rings are also growing increasingly popular amongst brides that want the classic feel without the traditional shape. While there are many, many different styles of antique cut engagement rings, old mines and old euros are the main two that I see being most popular in 2022. Old mines are somewhat similar to cushion cut stones, they have a squarish shape with soft, curved edges. These stones often have uneven facets and shape due to the fact that they were hand cut, making each one unique in their own way. They also tend to have a more bulky, less sparkly appearance than most modern cut diamonds, which can be considered a good thing by some brides. Old Europeans are hand-cut, round rings with 58 large facets and a small circle in the center. A major reason that this unique stone shape is so popular is because they are very affordable, oftentimes costing less than a modern cut ring. Old Euros are extremely rare and hard to find online, which is why I always recommend that my clients see these in person before settling on these beautiful stones. 

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