Choosing a private jeweler to create an engagement ring is the most important step in the design process and should not be overlooked. I encourage all clients to do their due diligence to find the one. And once you have, trust that person completely. Worried about finding the right private jeweler? Here are some questions to ask before committing.

When Do I Need the Ring By?  

If you already have plans to propose, this should be the first question you ask - you can’t propose without a ring. If you don’t have plans, this will give you an idea of how long you have to make them!  A classic solitaire setting could take as little as 3 weeks, and a more complex design could take up to 8 weeks from consultation to finish, and this will vary by jeweler.

What Is My Budget?

While most private jewelers can work with any budget, it is extremely important to discuss price ranges before committing to a jeweler to make sure you are on the same page. I work with clients of all budgets but recommend having a starting budget of $10,000 to get a quality setting + diamond. The sky's the limit!  

Do We Need to Meet in Person? I Don’t Live in Boston, Can We Work Virtually?

Most private jewelers are available to meet virtually which offers clients many more options. I work with an international clientele, although clients who live or work in Boston get the added benefit of face time and the ability to actually see the stones in person.  I’ll design your ring virtually via phone, zoom, and email - each of my clients is sent renderings and a 3D CAD with their design for their approval. Once approved, the ring will ship via a fully insured courier. While I do not require you to come to Boston to design your ring, I do recommend you visit at least once! It’s a beautiful city. Looking to propose here? I’ve got a few pointers.  

How Do You Source Stones? 

This answer will vary significantly by jeweler based on their dealer network and access. . As a client, you want to make sure that your jeweler is sourcing their stones from a reliable, conscious and transparent source! Over the past decade in the industry, I have cultivated deep relationships with the most sought after gemologists which offers my clients rare access to the best diamonds on and off the market. 

Working with a private jeweler to design a beautiful engagement ring should feel effortless! Pictured: Hannah Florman working with a client in her Newbury Street, Boston studio.

As you look for a private jeweler, ask questions! The jeweler should be an expert in diamond design + make you feel extremely comfortable throughout the process. Private jewelers spend a lot of time and resources sourcing stones and designing for you, with your unique needs in mind, so once you make that commitment - stick to it. Ready to work together? SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION WITH ME TODAY!