The Process

Why should I use a private jeweler?

Simply put, to get exactly what you want – tailored to your taste and budget. As your private jeweler, I’m interested in cultivating more personal relationships to bring you pieces of jewelry that are personal to you. We’ll work together to design and create pieces that tell your unique story.

But aren’t custom designs more expensive?

Nope! Although many jewelry retailers mark up “custom” pieces, this shouldn’t be the case. By handpicking your custom stones and metals with a private jeweler, you can actually save money. I’ll work with you to deliver custom jewelry that brings you the most value for your budget.

What if I live outside the Boston Area?

We frequently work remotely with clients. We can collaborate via phone, video and email. All pieces are shipped through a fully insured courier to any location in the U.S. and internationally.

Can you help me resize my ring or repair jewelry I already own?

At this time, I'll happily offer repairs and resizes for current and past clients. All rings designed with HF come with one re-size free of charge.

How long will it take to receive my custom item?

Each custom piece is different, so each has a different lead time. Custom jewelry typically takes 3-4 weeks to be made after the order is placed. For custom bridal pieces, we recommend you start the process at least 2 months out.

What if I need something ASAP?

We strive to deliver outstanding quality and value. Some pieces can be rushed, others cannot. Let me know what you have in mind and we’ll do my best to get your piece just in time for your special occasion.

Can you work with other stones aside from diamonds?

Yes. While we specialize in diamonds, we work with precious and semi-precious stones as well. We love collaborating with clients on unique projects whether it’s an added touch of color to a diamond ring, or an entire piece made of rubies.

What if I already have my own stone for a custom or bridal piece?

All the more meaningful! Bringing your own stone is always an option. Together, we’ll collaborate to enhance the stone, or stones, you already have. Please note there is a $500 setting fee for working with client provided stones.



Once your ring is complete, you will be provided with an appraisal that you can present to an insurance company.

Ring Re-Sizing

It usually takes 2 to 3 full business days to adjust the size of your ring – first time sizing is complimentary.

Cleaning & Care

Fine jewelry is delicate and should be cared for accordingly. Please visit my care + repair page for tips on taking care of your jewelry.


Every custom piece comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Here’s what you should know about this type of warranty:

You Can Void It

Should you bring our ring to an outside jeweler for resizing or repairs, this will void it as we cannot be held accountable for any outside work on their jewelry. Each jeweler is independent of each other so it’s best to continue with your original jeweler for the best results. The jeweler who crafts the ring and knows their product is able to better take care of necessary adjustments without complication.

Normal Wear & Tear

Your manufacturing warranty covers anything that can be drawn back to the manufacturing process. Anytime your design has diamonds incorporated, you’ll likely run into stone loss with time. This is completely normal and an easy fix. However, there’s a difference between losing a stone because you’re moving furniture vs. losing a stone out of the blue.

We inspect each ring carefully to determine the cause of the damage and if the repair is covered under our warranty. If we find the damage to be the fault of the wearer, we will happily repair your ring, but the cost will be passed along to the you. For example, if we find a diamond is missing because a prong is broken or lifted, this is an indication the wearer damaged their ring and would not be covered under the warranty.

Taking proper care of your ring will minimize the amount of stone loss you experience, but any loss that doesn’t quite make sense may be manufacturing related which this type of warranty covers.



All bridal rings are overnighted via a fully insured currier. International shipping options are also available.

When is payment due?

We request a 50% deposit to secure a diamond and start the process of building your custom ring. The balance is required when the ring is complete and upon your approval of the finished product.

Forms of accepted payment

We accept checks, wire or ACH transfers. Sorry, credit cards are not accepted.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of custom design, all custom pieces are final and won’t be refunded once an order is placed.