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4 Best Practices for Fine Jewelry Care

February 1, 2023


With proper care of your fine jewelry, your pieces will not only look better but last a lifetime! Here are four simple habits for cleaning, storing and wearing your fine jewelry will ensure they always stay brilliant and intact.

By giving your fine jewelry the attention and care it deserves, your pieces will not only look better, but they will also last a lifetime. Incorporating these four easy practices for cleaning, storing, and wearing your fine jewelry will ensure they stay brilliant and intact. 

When in doubt, take it off.

Uncertain about whether to keep your jewelry on or take it off? If it’s ever in question, our rule of thumb is to take it off, just to be safe. The swimming pool, gym, and kitchen are three places where it is always best to take off your fine jewelry and leave it in a safe place. This will protect your pieces from chemicals that can tarnish or corrode your jewelry, prevent damage, disorientation, or worse, misplacement. So, the next time you find yourself wondering whether to keep your necklace on during a workout or wear your earrings while swimming, err on the side of caution.

Safe storage.

We understand – placing jewelry on your nightstand or in a catch-all-dish is easy, but the best place to store your fine jewelry is in a jewelry box. A jewelry box ensures that all jewelry is carefully protected and prevents accidental damage. For sterling silver pieces, wrapping your jewelry in a basic anti-tarnish cloth will help maintain its shine and overall appearance. As for necklaces prone to tangling, they should be stored individually inside a simple plastic or cloth bag, with the clasp hanging out for easy access.

Keep it clean.

Cleaning your fine jewelry can be done easily in the comfort of your home! Gently clean your jewelry with water and a soft cloth to remove dust, skin oils, and makeup. For diamond rings, a soft-tipped toothbrush and some warm water with a dash of dish soap will remove the dirt and grime that collects underneath the prongs. Be gentle and let it air dry! A care kit comes with every finished client project to help maintain its beauty and long lasting quality.

Put it on last.

Simply putting on your jewelry at the end of your routine can have the biggest impact on your pieces over time. Lotion, sunscreen, perfume, makeup, hairspray, and other daily products contain chemicals that can damage your jewelry. Make it a part of your daily ritual to put your jewelry on after you shower, apply makeup, do your hair, and get dressed. As a general rule, your fine jewelry should be one of the last things you put on before leaving the house and one of the first things you take off when you get home. 

When we work together, we will help you to adapt these four habits by providing a full diamond care kit including a cleaning solution, wipes, and protective boxes! Ready to discuss your vision? Let's connect and design something special

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