Popping the question? take inspiration from these recently engaged clients

February 1, 2023


Every single engagement ring is so different from the next, and working with clients to create a piece that’s truly custom to their style and needs is exciting. I love hearing about the engagement proposals to follow, and I'm sharing three beautiful beginnings with you today. Enjoy!

Leah + Kara

"Kara and I wanted to have one engagement and we agreed I could be the one to propose. So, to make that happen, Kara designed a ring for me and once it was ready, she gave it to my sister to hold until I was ready to pop the question.  They were sure to wrap the ring, so I couldn't sneak a peek!  We both used Hannah Florman to design our rings, but kept our design process a secret.  I used a family diamond and Kara didn't even want to know the shape of the diamond - she wanted the entire thing to be a complete surprise! I planned to propose on Kara's birthday and we had a picnic planned on the esplanade. To get there from our current place, we have to walk by our old apartment where we first lived together and fell in love in the South End. Earlier in the day, I hid both rings in a card game box and told Kara we should swing by to pick up the game to play on the esplanade.  "Coincidentally," it was the same game we played on one of our very first dates on the esplanade.  As we were leaving our old apartment, on the street we fell in love, I opened the game box and proposed to Kara. I had a photographer hidden to capture the special moment we got to exchange rings with each other. Needless to say, Kara was surprised!" - Leah

A custom radiant cut three stone engagement ring and a solitaire diamond engagement ring - the perfect pair! 

Emily + Kait

A sweet proposal First, a stack of incredible diamond bands only made sense. This unique arrangement felt fresh and modern. Second, an antique halo engagement ring with an incredible gold setting! “Hannah was professional, but took the time to get to know our relationship and who each of us were as individuals. It was important to us to take time to propose to each other and Hannah loved being in on the secret and was able to be apart of this next chapter of our life together.” - Emily

Custom halo engagement ring, Hannah Florman private jeweler

Custom stack of eternity bands

Allison + Austin

A sky-high proposal for Allison and Austin: “Austin and I worked with Hannah together, so the fact that we were going to get engaged was not a surprise. But when Austin would officially ask was a surprise. 

 Apparently Austin had been working up to proposing on several different weekends, and they all were sort of thwarted. He had wanted to propose when we were at the family house in Sag Harbor, but then his parents showed up unexpectedly and we spent the whole weekend with them. Then there was another weekend we were supposed to go for a hike, but the weather ended up being bad. On the weekend he actually proposed, we were in New York. We were supposed to be in the city with some friends, and Austin was going to co opt them to help with the proposal. But they ended up coming down with colds and couldn't make the trip. 

 Anyway, we made plans to go have a Sunday brunch picnic in Central Park on our own (perfect place to propose, right?). There is a bakery in Soho that we always get a baguette from when we are in the city, it's become a thing (it's called Crispy Heaven, highly recommend). So we walked out to grab our baguette, and some cheese and fruit to go with it. Once we were outside, I declared that it was too cold and drizzly to do a picnic (which I am sure Austin LOVED hearing, but couldn't argue with). Instead, we took everything back to the apartment and had an "indoor picnic", complete with mimosas and a really great brunch playlist. It was a fairly ordinary but just a really pleasant morning. We decided to go for a walk, I reached for my coat, and when I turned back around Austin was on one knee. So, not a big fancy proposal, and with some hiccups, but kind of perfect in a lot of ways.” - Allison

A sky-high proposal in New York City

Justin + Ilana 

Only one fish in the sea for Ilana and Justin: “Ilana and I went to high school together. We met Freshman year, went to our first homecoming dance together and remained friends throughout high school. We both went off to college, grew up and reconnected via Instagram 10 years later. On our first date, Ilana made a comment about if I ever proposed to her she’d want me to swap the typical rose petals with goldfish (the snack). So I did just that! I proposed at six in the morning on a Friday, waking her up with a trail of goldfish in fish bowls down the stairs of our home. I coordinated with her boss to cancel all of her meetings that day and planned a full itinerary of all of her favorite things, ending with a surprise party with all of our friends and family. She’ll tell you it was the best day of her life.  We both love food - after proposing we went to brunch and featured the ring with a delicious plate of pancakes.” - Justin

A fun-loving proposal! 
A classic custom diamond engagement ring made just for Ilana

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