Love x HF Story: The design journey behind Madison's custom marquise engagement ring

May 22, 2023


Madison and Edward came to Hannah Florman Fine Jewelry with a vision to redesign an engagement ring, using rare family heirloom stones for a modern look. Read more about the custom process in this special blog feature.

Madison is the Founding Partner of Smith & Saint, a boutique talent agency for the next generation of athletes, influencers, & digital entrepreneurs. Madison and Edward came to me with a general vision that evolved naturally with the help of Madison’s mother - a woman with a strong sense of style and understanding of her daughter’s personal preferences. It was a rare and touching collaboration. Madison’s antique style marquise diamond engagement ring is one of the most unique pieces I’ve ever had the pleasure of (re)designing. Read more about the process from Madison’s perspective!

Q: Did you and Edward discuss the design before creation began? How much visibility did you want to have throughout the process?


A: Yes, to an extent! I knew I wanted something different, unique, and timeless and not the typical engagement style. Since this was a redesign of my engagement ring, we worked together a lot to reimagine how to incorporate smaller side stones to reflect my true style. We used heirloom stones from my mother’s original engagement ring so my mom wanted to get involved and worked closely with Edward throughout the process. It was so special. 

A custom marquise style engagement ring for Madison, incorporating heirloom diamonds | Photo by Bailey Ann Templeton

Q: What were some of your priorities for this custom engagement ring? 

A: I really never dreamt of an engagement ring, so when the time came to start thinking of something, I turned to more unique jewelry pieces for inspiration. I didn’t want my ring to feel too trendy or like a cocktail ring, so I wanted to do something custom because I felt it was the only way to get everything I wanted in one style! 

Q: Can you describe your personal style and how this piece reflects that for you? Anything in particular that inspired this very unique design? 

A: I would say my style is timeless and minimalistic, however, I love to shop for vintage and unique pieces to bring into my wardrobe for a more custom feel. Similarly to my ring, I wanted a timeless piece that wasn’t trendy or something everyone else wears. I really wanted a piece of art! I saw a design a few years before we got engaged with two pears flipped backwards, which always stuck in my mind. 

Madison on her wedding day, wearing Zuhair Murad | Photos by Bailey Ann Templeton

Q: Any final thoughts about working with a private jeweler (the benefits, little known elements you really appreciated during the process, etc…)

A: Working with Hannah was a dream because we were able to be involved in every step of the process. My husband was able to make adjustments to a ring that made it completely unique and is a true reflection of me - nobody else. We loved having someone who was able to give honest feedback and provide a lot of inspiration throughout the process. Working with a private jeweler allowed us to make those customizations in a way I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. The final piece holds so much meaningfulness to both Edward and I. 

Madison & Edward on their wedding day in Naples, Florida | Photo by Bailey Ann Templeton

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