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June 3, 2024


Layering necklaces can be a fun summer look as people transition into wearing lighter pieces. With varying chain designs and custom charms that feel expressive and subtle, clients can achieve true personalization through pendant fine jewelry. One of my go-to jewelry looks as of late has been layering necklaces with my more casual outfits to add a touch of elevated yet effortless style to my outfit.

At The Brownstone, we work with clients of all ages and genders to create meaningful fine jewelry that tells a story. This makes the pieces we create together much more significant,  and of lasting sentimental value. As we transition to warmer weather and see the emergence of layering charm necklaces throughout social media and fashion, we’ve been enjoying customizing charms that connect to our client’s personal lives. From zodiac signs, to birthstones of your children, or even a nod to your favorite song - the possibilities are limitless when it comes to custom charms.  If you want to try out this summer's en-vogue look, here are three easy ways to dip your toes into the trend.

A curated selection of gold charms from Brownstone's pendant bar.

01 / Mix and Match Metals

Create an eclectic look by layering necklaces with different metal finishes. For example, start with a beaded  gold chain as your base layer, then add a slightly longer silver chain with a statement charm or initial, and finally, layer a more dimensional chain like a paperclip style or diamond tennis necklace for a subtle addition. Mixing metals adds visual interest and allows you to easily incorporate various pieces from your jewelry collection.

A gold-set tennis necklace layered with two necklaces of graduated lengths, featuring interchangeable charms.

02 / Theme-Based Layering

We love when a jewelry collection paints a picture. When a client wants to express their personality, we lead them toward themed necklace layering. To do so, choose necklaces and pendants that share a common theme, such as nature, celestial elements, or religion. For instance, start with a delicate gold chain adorned with a tiny heart pendant, then layer it with a longer necklace featuring a sun charm, and complete the look with a third necklace featuring your zodiac gemstone. This method enables you to assemble a purposeful collection.

A celestial-themed charm necklace layered with a solitaire bezel-set emerald-cut diamond.

03 / Graduated Lengths

Experiment with necklaces of different lengths to create a cascading effect. Begin with a short choker-style tennis necklace featuring mined or lab-grown diamonds. Layer this with a slightly longer necklace that hits just below the collarbone and features a larger pendant or a cluster of charms. Finally, add a third necklace that falls midway between the first two, perhaps a simpler style like a chain link. This graduated layering creates depth and dimension while highlighting each individual piece.

If you’re considering a layered look, keep in mind that your shortest necklace is the foundation for your stack. Everyone has a personal preference for what length is most flattering; however, I prefer something that hits just at the collarbone. We’d love to help you craft your very own charm necklace or layered stack during a visit to The Brownstone — come see us!

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