The benefits of working with a private jeweler

February 22, 2024


When you’re purchasing an engagement ring or piece of fine jewelry - such as a diamond pendant necklace - a lot goes into the buying process. With so much on the line, it’s important to work with someone you can fully trust and confide in to execute your vision and have your interests top of mind. 

As a private jeweler, our priority is to provide transparent education to our clients from the very first consultation, with a selection of hand curated stones and high quality settings. Everything is made for a specific client based on their taste and vision, as well as those personal financial parameters. This post is meant to guide new clients through our philosophy to custom design. 

Let's start the private consultation process at The Brownstone

To start, the way we source our inventory is super unique. With our extensive family of suppliers, we are able to source each and every diamond that is brought into The Brownstone. We differ from typical jewelers whose interest is to sell their in-stock inventory, we don’t hold anything, so there is no hidden agenda in what is presented to you. Every stone is ethically sourced and hand-selected with heirloom quality, all tailored to your priorities. 

Made for you, a custom engagement ring or fine jewelry piece with your trusted jeweler, Hannah Florman

Second, while you may think working with a brand name comes with an established reputation, oftentimes, it’s reflected in the pricing and the customer ends up paying more for retail markup or brand’s marque. Our clients value our ability to decipher the best quality stones in nearly any budget range. Every stone is viewed in person by our team before being presented to a client. Why? There are flaws in some stones that aren’t included on a certification. This expertise is something our clients really value. You’ll work with our team in the Brownstone until the design goes to CAD, then to our speciality setting team - we all take great pride in our specialties. 

Thirdly, in all we do, we aim to prioritize your needs. When speaking with a client, we’ll take into consideration what means the most to them and where we can maximize budget without compromising on the overall aesthetic. With our tenured experience, we’re able to source the best stones within a variety of gradings and characteristics. We strive to create every piece with intention and care, which makes every project truly one-of-a-kind. 

Lastly, our studio, The Brownstone, has been deliberately designed with the one-to-one experience in mind. Our ‘by appointment only’ schedule allows for a peaceful setting when contemplating between rings, and our events calendar is maintained to give our clients access to exclusive brands in residency, pop-up events and special programming that align with their interests and lifestyle. 

Hand sourced diamonds are curated for each client based on budget, taste, design style and vision.

Whether you’re purchasing an engagement ring, wedding band, or building your jewelry box collection, jewelry is meant to be a forever piece and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We pledge that our jewelry will last a lifetime, but on the rare occasion you need a minor repair - we commit to the forever care of your collection. If you’re interested or considering exploring a custom creation - we’d love to hear from you!

Personally sourced gemstones, thoughtful details, and a tailored setting just for you.
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