How long do custom engagement rings take to create?

February 1, 2023


One of the first questions I am asked when the custom engagement ring design process begins is how many weeks a client can expect it all to take. You may be planning a big proposal - and I want to make sure it unfolds just as you have imagined!

The best way to explain this is to walk you through some of the variables that actually impact timing. First, I commit to a concierge-level service, meaning I take on a limited number of clients every year so that I can ensure any challenges can be solved quickly, and that your feedback is integrated into your final design quickly without delay in communication. 

Design matters

If you’re designing a classic, single stone engagement ring like a stunning solitaire diamond ring, we may be able to create your unique piece in as little as 4 weeks. If the design is a bit more complex, or you’re incorporating heirloom stones with other rare, or highly coveted stones, clients can likely expect a longer lead time - up to 8 weeks. 

how long custom engagement rings take
Envisioning a rare diamond for your engagement ring? I'll tap my network of trusted partners to find your perfect stone.

Communication matters

Want to know how to expedite the process to the best of your abilities? Be communicative and clear! If I know exactly what you’re thinking - both your reservations and what you’re most excited about - then I can design the piece to your exact needs and style. Be honest about your wishes, and do your best to commit to your decisions. I’ll be able to take all that insight into consideration when selecting stones, designing the setting and completing the ring which allows for the smoothest progression from start to finish.

Market matters

The ever-changing global supply chain does have a trickle down effect on the soon-to-be-engaged client. But, you can trust in my expertise and relationships which I’ll leverage to ensure that we get the very best stones to choose from. Sometimes, shipping delays can impact the final delivery of the piece by a week or so. 

My advice would be to give yourself a ‘buffer’ of at least 2 weeks before the date you’d like to propose to account for any disruption or delays. Let's start designing your custom engagement ring today! 

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