Different Styles of Engagement Rings: two stone rings + pear shaped diamonds

February 1, 2023


What’s trending this season? There has been a resurgence in two stone rings, and a growing request from clients in pear shaped diamond engagement rings.

Two stone rings are really versatile, and can be personalized in a variety of ways. So, here’s a few tips to guide your experience working together and designing such a unique piece. 

Tip #1: Think big

The world is your oyster when it comes to designing a truly one-of-a-kind two stone ring. You could accentuate a classic diamond with a pop of color like your birthstone, or that of a loved one. 

A 'Toi Et Moi' ring to celebrate a marriage milestone, with tapered baguettes set in platinum and created by Hannah Florman

Tip #2: consider the proportion on the finger

I always consider the proportion on the finger and the lifestyle of the client when we are setting the design to ensure harmony and sophistication without feeling too heavy. 

A perfectly balanced two stone custom diamond ring, set in yellow gold by Hannah Florman

Tip #3: Mix and match:

Interestingly, pear shaped stones are often seen in two stone rings. The curvature of the stone is cut in such a way that it naturally lends itself well to being paired with an emerald or round cut. I always say go for two shapes that create some contrast to one another - like an emerald or pear, or pear and round. When two shapes are too close in form (for example, a round and cushion) you can risk them looking like a mis-matched pair.

A popular combination! Pear and round, for a smart and contemporary take on a statement ring. Created by Hannah Florman

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