Tips for traveling with fine jewelry

February 1, 2023


Do you know the best ways to pack, store and travel with your fine jewelry? Whether you’re taking a big trip abroad, a road trip adventure, a beach vacation or a small weekend getaway, you’re probably questioning what jewelry to bring - because while the trip will be fun and memorable, the packing part isn’t. Following these tips will eliminate stress and ensure that your jewelry remains safe and scratch-free during your trip.

Bag it up 

When traveling with fine jewelry, a jewelry roll can be a lifesaver for safekeeping. Mini mini ziplock bags are the best things for necklaces that you don’t want getting tangled (where the bottom of the necklace hangs in, chain hangs out) and also soft pouches for rings are great to have on hand. My clients can always request these from me! 

Soft jewelry pouches for travel
Soft jewelry pouches help keep your fine jewelry organized and safe while traveling

Pack intentionally

It’s always a good idea to ask yourself where you are going and if you are really going to wear that certain piece of jewelry… only bring what you know you will wear. Depending on where you are going and what you will be doing, it may be a good idea to consider leaving behind your most expensive or sentimental items at home. You can always mix more casual, mixed metal necklaces and layer those with a signature piece like a graduated diamond necklace. Similarly, a great pair of solitaire diamond stud earrings can be quite enough for a week’s worth of outfits, if styled correctly. Be mindful of the pieces you’re bringing, so that you don’t accidentally leave an expensive watch by the pool. 

Always carry it on 

Luggage can be thrown around, unattended and misplaced too easily for you to store your fine jewelry in. Instead, wear your jewelry or place it safely in your carry on to ensure that it is not mishandled, or worse - misplaced - while traveling. 

Be safe

Almost all hotels have in-room safes to store your personal items, but we still recommend calling to confirm before you leave to ensure that your fine jewelry won’t be left out and unattended. A safe provides a “safe” place to store your jewelry when you are not wearing it and is the easiest way to ensure that no pieces are damaged or misplaced during your stay. 

Clean regularly

Between the suntan lotion, the sand and the pool, our jewelry goes through quite the gauntlet and must be taken care of so that those chemicals and sediments don’t build up and cloud the appearance or get scratched. I typically travel with our small, pocket sized cleaning kit to immediately resolve any problems that may arise. If you don’t have that, simply use some dish soap and a soft toothbrush every other day to give your pieces that shine. Carry a small microfiber cloth (that will often come with your sunglasses) to wipe down your valuables on the go. Always blow away sand or grainy substances rather than wipe!

cleaning kit
Carry a cleaning kit with you while you're traveling! 

A bonus tip? Always be sure your insurance is updated before major travel - jewelry is often forgotten about but significant pieces should certainly be included under your policy. Are you interested in creating a new custom piece of fine jewelry together? Get in touch.

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