PT II: Designing your custom wedding bands & diamond eternity rings

February 1, 2023


In Part II, we dive further into the finer details of designing your custom wedding bands and eternity bands for everyday wear. There’s a world of possibility when it comes to styling wedding bands and stacks of diamonds.

Q: When clients first start considering their wedding bands, what are some common questions that arise? 

A: Typically, couples want to explore how they can make their engagement ring and wedding band feel cohesive with one another but reflect their individualism. You may also be wondering how to balance your engagement ring with a band and not have one piece overpower the other when you wear both simultaneously - it’s completely possible with a great design! We will discuss the various styles, diamond orientations, design and more together - you’ll be shocked at how many options there are to consider that may feel like a welcome diversion from your expectations. I’ll show you how to mix and match with metals, fancy gemstones and even different shaped stones for a truly unique look if that’s your aim. Or, we will keep things classic with a tried-and-true band design. 

A stack of custom diamond eternity bands, created with Hannah Florman

Q: Diamond eternity bands vary in style and aesthetic. Walk us through the different options and what a client should consider when selecting a specific cut or options in stone orientation.

A: Eternity diamond bands are very popular nowadays - the fancier cuts like emerald and radiant are incredibly popular and hold their weight well through the generations. The ideal width of the eternity band is something we will explore together to ensure the proper proportions with your finger, hand and engagement ring.

If you’re very active or use your hands for your profession, we will design something durable to resist signs of wear. In that case, it may be prudent to steer clear of a traditional eternity band for a design more suitable to your lifestyle; one with no diamonds around the backside of the ring. This lowers the cost as well for those clients looking to stick to a budget. 

The ultimate pairing; a stunning custom three stone engagement ring and eternity wedding band

Q: How else can diamond bands be incorporated into a client’s wardrobe? 

A: Diamond bands can also be layered to create different looks. You may opt to design a custom eternity band that matches the style of your engagement ring or something totally different knowing you may want to ‘stack’ a few bands later on as you build your fine jewelry collection. Mixing and matching yellow, white or rose gold makes the look versatile to wear. The possibilities are really endless, and you can play with placement on different fingers as well - such as your pointer or pinky finger.

Q: When it comes to maximizing your financial resources, what’s your best advice for achieving a beautiful final product? 

A:   The number and size of stones will impact your budget greatly when it comes to custom wedding bands. That said, there are ways to be smart knowing how you will realistically wear that piece day to day. If it will be a subtle compliment to your wedding band which already has a ‘wow’ factor, you can air on the side of subtlety. If you envision wearing the band more so as a statement piece day-to-day, or in place of your diamond engagement ring you may want to go a bit more grand to reflect your style. 

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