Pricing guide for cushion cut engagement rings

February 1, 2023


One of the most popular cuts, this Q&A will help answer some of the commonly asked questions around cushion cuts and give you a few valuable insights when it comes to maximizing your budget.

Q: What factors impact price for cushion cuts? 

A: A client can expect to spend the same amount on cushions as any other fancy shaped diamond, with the exception of rounds as those will always cost more. A nice 1 carat typically starts $5,000 and a 2 carat would start closer to $15,000. Cushions tend to show color a bit more than a round or emerald cut, so most of my clients prefer to stay above H/I. I’ll walk you through the grading process at our first design consultation. Cushions also tend to appear a bit smaller than other cuts, so many clients decide to allocate budget towards carats to accomplish a bigger look. Elongated cut cushions can help with this as they look bigger. Inclusions are easily hidden in cushions so this is something you can definitely go down to SI1 or SI2 if you have a trustworthy jeweler sourcing high quality options for you that are still eye clean.

Q: Are there ways to maximize my budget with this particular cut?  

A: Yes, definitely put your dollar towards carat weight and color before clarity!


Cushion cut with baguettes - a beautiful engagement ring style that really sparkles!

Q: Are there different styles of cushion cuts? 

A: Yes! There are a few different variations; Modified or "crushed ice" and Antique style. 

Modified or ‘crushed ice’ styles have an additional layer of facets which gives the illusion of crushed ice. Antique styles are those inspired by the Victorian age (which may or may not be actual Antique stones). Each stone will have a vastly different 360 degree view than the next when considering the diversity in style, so it’s critical to work with a seasoned private jeweler who can view them in person with you, or send you high quality images and video. 

Q: Does an elongated style impact the pricing at all?  

A: Not exactly, but elongated cushions are harder to source than a traditional square cushion. They have larger, fewer facets than the other two cushion cut stylesYou may end up increasing your budget to get the right elongated cushion cut that fits your vision simply because of market availability. Working with a well-connected private jeweler will work to your benefit! 

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