Statement Pieces

The Ultimate Fine Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

February 1, 2023


This special roundup of holiday gift ideas may inspire you to go custom this year and design a piece of fine jewelry that will last a lifetime (and beyond). From classic graduated diamond necklaces to contemporary rings with fancy gems, this is the season to get creative and bring your dreams to life. Here are our top picks!

Pick #1: The diamond necklace 

A wardrobe staple for any modern woman who wants a piece that can effortlessly transition from daytime, with a white tee and jeans to nighttime cocktails with a great dress and heels. There’s the straight tennis necklace style, a graduated diamond necklace, and either style with only half the necklace in diamonds and the rest with an adjustable chain. We can play with the prong style to suit your personal taste and lifestyle. 

Adjustable styles range from $7k and up, whereas the straight diamond necklace typically begins at 9k and up, depending on the number and size of diamonds and can likely be turned around in 2 - 4 weeks. 

Adjustable style custom diamond necklace by Hannah Florman

Pick #2: Fancy Shape Eternity Bands

Fancy shaped diamond cuts are so popular right now - now is the perfect time to create something that reflects your personality in a unique way. Fancy shaped diamond eternity bands; emerald, fancy and radiant cuts are exceptional as stacked bands or standalone statement pieces. These pieces really pack a visual punch, so I love styling them with a chunky, masculine watch and a clean white button down or chunky sweater.

Elegant and bold eternity rings - a custom gift for yourself or another who deserves only the best.

Pick #3: Colored Gems

Fancy gemstones like sapphires are on the rise. One of our clients created a diamond zodiac-inspired necklace for her mother with sapphires and tanzanites and it’s divine! (photo). For a more casual piece, you can add in some bright colored gems to create an every day cocktail ring that is sure to catch attention. Prices can range from $5k and up, and can often be turned around in 3-4 weeks. 

Tanzanite and sapphire necklace for a special mother, created by Hannah Florman
A bold pear two-stone colored gemstone custom cocktail ring created by Hannah Florman

A stunning black onyx cocktail ring - for the perfect 'wow' factor, created by Hannah Florman

Pick #4: Diamond Earrings

A classic - diamond earrings fit so easily into a modern woman’s wardrobe. Today, natural diamond earrings typically start around $10k, with 1 carat stones in each ear. An alternative would be lab grown diamonds which offer great value for clients. Today, we could create a pair of diamond earrings (2 carats in each ear) for a client for less than $10k. While many clients still opt for natural diamonds for an engagement ring, given the sentimental ties, using lab grown diamonds for more casual, everyday pieces can be a great option. Prices fluctuate often, so time is of the essence! We only work with certified Lab Grown diamonds, so you can trust that you’re getting the best quality product. 

Custom solitaire dearrings from Hannah Florman, made for the modern woman
Sensational, timeless drop earrings make the everyday look complete

Pick #5: Upgrades + Reimagined Statement Pieces

One of the most fulfilling ways I’m able to work with a client is when we upgrade or re-invent a piece for their lifestyle today. I’ve taken an original antique cut diamond from a ring and created modern, bezel set earrings or a punctuated necklace. Then, we can upgrade her engagement ring with something that feels fresh. Another option would be a two stone ring, adding a new stone to an original ring. 

Statement Pieces
Upgrade an engagement ring with Hannah Florman by using the stones in a new piece of fine jewelry, like a diamond necklace.
Statement Pieces
Add a secondary stone to your engagement ring to commemorate your life's journey - a beautiful and personalized approach that's possible when working with Hannah Florman.

Let’s create something special together! Nov 11, 2022 is the deadline for all custom project orders.

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