What's the Difference in Diamond Cuts?

February 1, 2023


Find the right diamond shape for your engagement ring by looking at some of the most popular diamond cuts. Hannah Florman, Boston's best Custom Jeweler is here to help!

Which Diamond Cut Is Right For You?

Round Diamond Cut

Classic + Timeless

Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular diamond cut. Round brilliant diamonds are thought to be the most brilliant cut (think sparkle) and look the largest
from the face up.

Princess Diamond Cut

Traditional + Modern Twist

Another popular choice is the princess, which is the most square cut. With pointy edges, and lots of facts, this shape is particularly sparkly. Because the additional facets add brilliance and increase the diamond’s inherent sparkle, flaws may also be less noticeable.

Emerald Diamond Cut

Elegant + Refined

Emerald cut stones are rectangular with rounded corners (compared to the Princess Cut which has pointy corners). Emerald cut diamonds have step-cut facets, which are long rectangular facets. Although, step-cut diamonds do not have as much sparkle as brilliant cut diamonds, they have an understated elegance that can’t be denied. Because of the cut, it is more difficult to cover up imperfections as brilliant cuts such as rounds and princesses.

PEAR Diamond Cut

Unique + Playful

A mix between a marquise and an oval cut, can be a unique and excellent choice for an engagement ring. Depending on the cut, the stone can be fatter or more elongated. This shape does particular wonders to make your finger look more elongated.

RADIANT Diamond Cut

Elegant + Glamorous

A Radiant diamond is more difficult to find than other diamond shapes, and therefore is not commonly used for engagement rings. Although not commonly used, this diamond gives off a beautiful look because of its balance between a cushion cut and a princess cut. Its extra special sparkle is the result of the way its underside is cut, with 70 facets to be exact, to maximize the effect of its color refraction. For those who love a rectangular look and don’t want to sacrifice sparkle, Radiant cuts are a great choice.

MARQUISE Diamond Cut

Dramatic + Opulent

Marquise cut diamonds have an oval body with sharp pointed ends. Modern-day versions often have a hexagon-shaped surface with facets on the top and bottom to reflect light. This clever cut can also look larger than it actually is, and due to its elongated shape, can make fingers look leaner and more slender. It’s ideal for those looking to maximize carat weight.

CUSHION Diamond Cut

Feminine + Romantic

One of the most popular cuts, Cushion cuts have the appearance of pillows (square-ish shape with rounded corners). Modern Cushion cuts have brilliant faceting, similar to that of a Radiant cut. Antique cushion cuts have a unique charm with larger faceting and slightly less brilliance. These are an incredibly versatile stone that looks great alone, with a pave band, or with accent side stones.

OVAL Diamond Cut

Sophisticated + Elegant

The Oval diamond has brilliant cut facets and is becoming a very popular diamond cut. Oval cut diamonds are a fashion-forward alternative to the traditional round. Even and symmetrical, this shape is popular as a solitaire among those with smaller hands or shorter fingers, because the oval’s elongated shape gives the illusion of length to the hand, resulting in slender-looking fingers. This shape looks beautiful with side stones or standing alone.

ASSCHER Diamond Cut

Antique + Sophisticated

Nearly identical to the emerald cut, except the Asscher is square not rectangle. This diamond produces more brilliance than an emerald diamond because of the larger step facets, a higher crown and smaller table. The Asscher is striking and dramatic, evoking a very 1920s-1930s, art deco feel.

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