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Style Moment: Boston's best personal stylist Alisa Neely of Style Scout

February 1, 2023


Today's Style Moment highlights Alisa Neely, a sought after personal stylist for distinguished clients throughout the Boston region and around the country. We've worked together on many occasions and Alisa is here to share her best style advice - from how to refresh your wardrobe to accessorizing.

Alisa Neely is a sought after personal stylist for distinguished clients throughout the Boston region and around the country. Alisa has been recognized for her refined eye and global intuition. Named ‘Best of Boston’ numerous times, Alisa brings 15+ years of styling experience to every project, no matter the scale or complexity. Her refined eye for what looks good both in person and on camera has clients working with her for everything from everyday clothing and travel capsules to photo shoots, executive TED talks and red carpets. Her clients entrust her to help them express their style with pieces that feel unique, functional and authentic to their individuality. Let's chat all things style! 

Q: Most of my clients (and frankly, myself included) appreciate timeless pieces that really feel like a wardrobe staple. What’s the best way to build that kind of ‘capsule’ collection if you are looking for a refresh? 

A: The first step is really understanding yourself and the image you are trying to put forward in the world. The  second step is to consider your lifestyle and what pieces make the most sense for it. Then it’s time to look at how these pieces can work together to create a multitude of looks. For me a blazer is  one of the hardest working pieces in a wardrobe so I start with that as a foundation piece and build out from there. Levi’s, an oversized dress shirt, black trousers, a silk camisole, track pants, a slip dress, killer heels, a dope sneaker and lots of jewelry are pieces inside my personal capsule and one’s I always recommend clients start building to their taste.

Alisa Neely
Loving Alisa Neely's chic, sophisticated yet relaxed approach to personal style and wardrobe curation!

Q: Can you share some best practices when it comes to accessorizing, both with fine jewelry and with more casual pieces? 

A: I believe that a jewelry wardrobe is something that you need to have. Just as there are some capsule pieces of clothing that you can build off of, it's the same with jewelry. A few necklaces that can easily layer, a diamond band (does not have to be a traditional wedding band) hoop earrings, an earring that sparkles etc. Once you have the basics don’t be afraid to mix things up and have some fun. Jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed. I love to mix fun inexpensive enamel rings with my gold and diamond rings. Jewelry can really change the mood of an outfit so it’s something to consider when you’re planning an outfit. Do you want to add an edge? Are you going for something more classic? It’s important to ask yourself  ‘does this jewelry match the tone of my outfit and the occasion?’ 

Q: I know from working together that personal styling is so individualized - much like the custom jewelry design process. Can you describe your unique process a bit more? 

A:  It’s important for me to understand the vision of yourself that you would like to achieve  as well as what your life looks like both day to day and your unique, individualized persona. From that foundation, I client source and craft a wardrobe that not only satisfies the feeling and aesthetic you want but also is practical in addressing your daily lifestyle. Like with jewelry design, building a wardrobe starts with understanding your current preferences and needs but in a way that will align with that aspirational side of yourself - which I love to help clients discover.

Alisa Neely
Boston's Best personal stylist, Alisa Neely - follow at @stylescout on Instagram

Q: When thinking about designing a custom piece of jewelry - be it your engagement ring or a significant piece of fine jewelry - what would your advice be to clients looking for something they can get the most wear out of? 

A: I encourage clients not to save jewelry for special occasions but to wear it because they love it. So,  I would suggest when creating a new piece that it’s not too precious or delicate to be worn regularly, but rather something that layers well with other jewelry and speaks to who you really  are. That way, a single piece could act as the showpiece for one outfit, or, in other instances, act as a supporting piece of many. A diamond eternity band is a great example - it packs a punch when worn alone, but can also be layered with mixed casual rings (like enamel - my favorite)  for a cool fist full of sparkle.

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Connect with Alisa Neely on the web:, via email: or @stylescout on Instagram. Ready to create that custom diamond ring or piece of fine jewelry? Reach out for a complimentary consultation. Alisa and I can work together for clients looking for a truly comprehensive styling experience, so let's explore more! 

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