How the custom engagement ring design process works

February 1, 2023


Designing a custom engagement ring is an exciting process for everyone involved. For the client, a world of possibilities lie ahead - because we are crafting something completely new and unique to you. As the designer, my creative mind kicks into high gear starting with fine diamond selection, ring setting design, CAD renderings and finally the presentation of a beautiful heirloom quality engagement ring. Let me take you through the entire process from start to finish!

Step 1 - Getting to Know You

After we have time to get to know one another, and I understand your unique priorities, I’ll work with my trusted community of diamond dealers who source highly coveted stones for me to present to you. This gives you the opportunity to see how each stone differs from one another through a realistic lens. We will talk through the 4 C’s of diamonds so you can make an informed decision based on the selection we have on hand. 

Custom diamond engagement ring design
Custom diamond engagement ring design with Hannah Florman, private jeweler
engagement ring
Comparison of side stones for three stone engagement ring, Hannah Florman private jeweler

Step 2 - Review Your Options

Together, we will discuss the variety of settings that may suit your style. Along with live samples of stones and rings. I’ll be able to show you what those stones actually look like sitting beside one another, which can be really helpful. Say you were interested in a three stone ring, you’ll have the opportunity to browse different side stones alongside your center stone to get a realistic sense of proportions and dimensions. You’ll be able to hold the design up to your hand and truly visualize the whole piece and make changes on the spot. Oftentimes, we make adjustments in the orientation, sizing and weight of the stones so that the piece fits perfectly. 

engagement ring
Three stone engagement ring design, Hannah Florman private jeweler

Step 3 - Visualize Your Engagement Ring

A CAD (Computer Aided Design) can help further visualize the ring in its finished form before it is produced. Using this technology, you’ll be able to appreciate every angle of the ring as you view 360 degrees - offering a detailed view of every angle. Here is where you’ll be able to see that diamond halo detail up close to ensure it looks as impactful as you’d hoped. You’ll be able to consider how high or low the center stone is sitting in the setting as you’ll be able to view the ring from its profile. 

engagement ring
CAD rendering of custom emerald cut engagement ring, Hannah Florman private jeweler

Step 4 - Careful Crafting

Your ring will be expertly crafted and finished within 3-10 weeks pending complexity of the design. If you’re local, I’ll be able to present it to you in person. If you’re based outside Boston I’ll ship it through insured signature mail with my cleaning kit. Doesn’t fit perfectly? I’ll happily help all my engagement ring clients to resize. Ready to get started? Let's get in touch! 

engagement ring
Three stone bezel engagement ring, Hannah Florman private jeweler

engagement ring
Custom diamond engagement ring in box, Hannah Florman private jeweler
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