Shopping for an engagement ring? try a private jeweler

February 1, 2023


The experience of designing a diamond engagement ring should feel memorable! Hannah Florman, private jeweler in Boston, reflects on why working with a private jeweler can offer clients so much more in terms of value, access to coveted stones and customization.

If you’re looking for a hands-on approach with someone who cares deeply about the finished product, working with a private jeweler may be a wonderful option for you.  As a private jeweler, the design experience is made special with a few essential ingredients: information, accessibility and customization.

Why a Private Jeweler?

Private Jewelers Have The Knowledge 

Knowledge is power and so I find starting the relationship off with a comprehensive diamond education is a great foundation for the custom design process to come. As you explore the criteria of diamonds and the way they are graded, you’ll have a clear sense of where your priorities lie. I’ll be there every step of the way to answer all your questions without ego. 

Private Jewelers Have Access to Coveted Stones + Unique Settings 

There is a common misconception (and fear) that buying from a private jeweler means you’ll end up having to spend more while also having less options to choose from than you would shopping at a big retail store… false! A private jeweler only works with a small group of clients, which means their attention can be paid to finding the highest quality stones on (and off) the market. I help my clients understand their options but also present stones that will impress, without going over budget. This is possible through the strength of my global diamond dealer network as a jeweler - the possibilities are endless. Knowing your style, I’ll design realistic settings through CAD, which will bring the vision to life in a tangible way!  Together, we will create a unique, personalized ring instead of a prefabricated, cookie cutter piece. 

Private Jewelers Offer Personalized Approach 

It is an honor that you have chosen me to design your jewelry, and it is my job to guide you through the entire design process, making sure that you are confident (and enthusiastic!) about all of your decisions along the way. In all my career, I have never created two rings exactly the same. I’ll take time to get to know you or your partner’s lifestyle and personal aesthetic. You’ll learn so much about diamonds, and feel confident making decisions along the way with a trusted guide. We will refine the design with thoughtfulness until it’s just right. Let’s start with a complimentary, one-on-one consultation and see where the conversation takes us!

Personally sourced gemstones, thoughtful details, and a tailored setting just for you.
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