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What Is A Private Jeweler

Working with Hannah Florman affords you a highly personal experience with a trusted partner who will help bring your vision to life. With a concierge-level philosophy, every client is guided through the process personally. Unlike a typical jeweler, Hannah utilizes her global network of diamond dealers to present you with a curated selection of the highest quality diamonds from which to choose.

No consultation fees, no hidden costs.  Hannah Florman acts as an advocate for you throughout the process ensuring you get the best diamond at the best price, and the highest quality one-of-a-kind setting.

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The Custom Jewelry Process

Step 1:


Book an appointment to get started on your engagement ring. The process starts with an initial phone call consultation to discuss your vision and budget. This is also an opportunity to ask Hannah any questions you have about diamonds or setting designs.

Step 2:


Hannah will source a selection of stones for you based on your desired quality and budget. You will receive a comprehensive diamond education and be able to see and hand select each stone that goes into your ring.
*Don’t worry if you’re not located in the Boston area, we work with many clients remotely via email and video. All pieces are shipped insured.

Step 3:


Hannah will take your ideas and inspiration and bring them to life, with a critical eye towards timeless design and durability. All custom designs receive a digital 3D CAD of your design for approval. Your setting is then handcrafted locally by master bench-jewelers.

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Common Questions


We create custom jewelry of all kinds. Although engagement rings are often the starting point, many come back for wedding bands, birthday presents, and anniversary gifts. Please keep in mind custom designs that require a completely new design start at $3,000.


We strongly advise against purchasing a diamond through an online retailer. Although the GIA grading system is reliable, there are distinctive features that make each stone appear different than the grades and numbers might suggest. This is part of the vetting process we offer with our stone selection services. We make sure you are only presented with the highest quality stones. We also have a much larger network of suppliers to find diamonds you can’t see on websites.


It is recommended that you get started at least two months out from your desired proposal date. Once you have selected a stone and finalized your setting design, the ring takes 3-4 weeks to be made. Certain styles are available rushed if needed.


Yes, the diamonds you are presented are only sourced from suppliers who participate in the Kimberly Process, which monitors the diamond trade and controls the import and export of rough diamonds to ensure the stones are not financing violence.


We love to work with heirloom stones. However, we do not work with stones purchased elsewhere. Our stone pricing is competitive and we stand by our selection process. There is a $500 setting fee when working with existing stones.


Meet Hannah

Born and raised in Boston, Hannah returned home to attend law school and pursue a career in commercial litigation. As she climbed up the corporate ladder, she began seeking out a much-needed creative refuge in diamond and jewelry design.

Inspired by a drive to cultivate more personal relationships and transparency in the industry, Hannah Florman was launched in 2016. Hannah received training from the renowned Gemological Institute of American (GIA) and has studied under many respected manufacturers and suppliers in the region.

Hannah’s style is described as timeless and sophisticated. Since inception, she has created relationships with trusted gemologists and bench-jewelers who share a like-minded commitment to quality.


Hannah is incredible. Going the private jeweler route is the way to go and Hannah is who you should meet. I bought a beautiful oval diamond engagement ring with a super thin platinum band from hannah. Meeting with her in person at her office and not at some big box retail store made the process 100% stress free. I didn’t have to worry about making a wrong decision. I could call her anytime. That aspect was big for me.You go in, and she shows you different kinds of diamonds to pick from. Just the stones. Definitely fun. You are basically building the ring, starting with the raw diamond. She buys from the same places that retailers buy from. I thought buying from a “private jeweler” was going to be more expensive – it was not. I got a bigger ring than I expected after looking around. Then after you pick the stone, you pick the band and setting to go with it. Then you come back to see the final put-together ring a few weeks later. The process was fun, calming, and I had a great story to tell. Highly highly highly recommend Hannah.​

Brent G.

Hannah made the process of selecting a diamond incredibly easy and fun! I gave her a few ideas of diamonds my fiancee liked and the next day she had a wide variety to help me choose my favorite in person. It was so much easier than trying to shop for a diamond online, because I could really see how the quality did or didn’t make a difference when looking at the stone in person.When it came time to create the perfect band, Hannah was able to tailor a band that was exactly what my fiancee wanted. After I proposed she was even able to make a few minor tweaks for us and it turned out perfectly!We are so happy about the ring, and I’m so happy I decided to work with Hannah. We’ll definitely be using her again when it comes time to pick out our wedding bands.

Fred M.

Hannah Florman is the only jeweler to use whether you are looking to re-purpose old jewelry, sell, buy or custom design. Hannah helped me design my four stacked wedding bands. Two were custom designed and two were re-purposed from an old set of diamond earrings. I cannot say enough good things about Hannah. She has impeccable taste and she knows what she is doing. Plus, you can’ t beat her pricing – best quality AND price! I am so happy with my set that I am already coming up with ideas for my next purchase!​

Nikki O.

Hannah is knowledgeable, patient, and accommodating – a real pleasure to work with. My fiance is so happy with Hannah’s work!​

Gregory S.

Thank goodness I’ve found Hannah. I had An idea to design a 10th wedding anniversary necklace with an X on it. (Roman numeral). Well, my vision working with a different jeweler turned out clunky and I couldn’t figure out how to make it better. So I never wore it. Fast forward to finding Hannah and she worked with me to take the materials I already had in it and turn it into a sleek, fashionable piece that I love and can wear everyday or to fancy events.Next she’s working on a piece with some of the small diamonds left over.Hannah listens, suggests, sketches, and is flexible! She truly has vision. Go see her to design something new or redesign something old. What do you have to lose?

Nicole C.

Hannah was great to work with. She was really responsive, concise and transparent throughout. If you’re a guy trying to pick out an engagement ring and want someone who will be straightforward and transparent with you, Hannah is your gal.​​

Jon Y.

Excellent Experience! I enjoyed working with Hannah to create my fiance’s dream ring!, thrilled with the result and great communication!​

Dylan P.