Choosing the perfect custom wedding band

February 1, 2023


Your wedding band shouldn’t be an afterthought - it's a significant piece of jewelry. Hannah Florman, private jeweler in Boston, reveals how to consider your wedding band as a unique piece, but one that complements your engagement ring!

As a private jeweler, I’ve found that clients are surprised to find how many options there are in terms of wedding band style. Your wedding band shouldn’t be an afterthought when designing a custom engagement ring. In fact, like any great match they will complement each other, rather than compete for attention. There are a few considerations to keep in mind - so let’s dive in. 

Choosing a Metal for Your Wedding Band

If you assume you need to commit to one metal for both your engagement ring and your wedding band, thank again! Mixing metals can add a modern twist. A yellow gold band paired with a white gold engagement ring can make the set pop. It is important to consider the jewelry you wear everyday and the metals most commonly seen throughout that collection. Then, you’ll arrive at a combination that feels totally natural.

Choosing a Width for Your Wedding Band

After choosing a metal, decide how wide you want your ring and band to be. Sets look best when the widths of the ring and band are the same, or drastically different  in style so that there’s a clear distinction. If the set looks similar but not uniform, it often looks like you couldn’t find a perfect match. Working with a private jeweler means you’ll never have that issue! 

Choosing the Right Setting 

The ‘setting’ of a wedding band refers to how the gemstones are held to the band. There are many different wedding band settings such as, pave, hazel u-shape, channel, compass.

Choosing a Gemstone Color

Diamonds are definitely the most popular but it is definitely not the only option for gemstones. Colored gemstones, such as a birthstone, add a unique and special spin to the set. 

Choosing a Stone Shape for Your Wedding Band

There are some beautiful varieties of stones for a diamond engagement ring (here you’ll find an easy-to-follow diamond shape guide) and likewise, there are some unique stones to incorporate into your wedding band. For example, you could consider a fancy stone eternity band with ovals or radiant cuts for a big moment of impact. 

Choosing a Band Style 

The most popular band styles are eternity bands, ½ and ¾ bands and multi row bands. Eternity bands have diamonds all around (which also make great gifts), multi row bands have diamonds all around for multiple rows and the ½ and ¾ bands have diamonds that do not go all the way around. 

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