Engagement ring pricing guide for round cut

February 1, 2023


Is a spectacular, sophisticated round cut diamond engagement ring on your mind? The round diamond is the epitome of style, sophistication and impact. In this Q&A, I’ll summarize the best way to maximize your engagement ring purchase.

Q: What factors impact price for round cuts? 

Here’s the deal: Round cuts are the most popular when it comes to engagement ring styles, making them more expensive just given supply and demand. Also, round brilliant cuts have the most facets of any shape, which require more precision work thus increasing the price of the stone itself. The biggest factors are going to be the 4 C's - clarity, color, cut and carat grades. Excellent cut grades come with a premium price tag, but it's worth it. The higher the color and clarity, the higher the price gets as well.


A combination to covet: classic custom round solitaire diamond engagement ring with a diamond and gold wedding band

Q: Are round cuts fairly complementary if I want a three stone ring? 

Absolutely. Tapered baguettes, pear shapes, and smaller round cuts are all excellent choices and look great when paired with multiple stones. If you're worried about a wedding band not sitting flush with a three stone ring, we can always customize a three stone flush fit design that will allow a wedding band to sit up against it, without any gaps. 


A stunning three stone round custom engagement ring - a modern and sophisticated design! 

Q: What’s the minimum carat I should be looking at for a good quality round cut diamond ring? 

1 carat (or just under) is the minimum if you want a nice size diamond where the quality will be quite evident.  

Q: Are there ways to maximize my budget with this particular cut? 

Finding a really good SI1 or SI2 that gives you an eye clean look can provide great value - as you are paying less but to the naked eye looks no different than VS1 or VS2 stone. Rounds hide inclusions really well so this is possible if you have someone helping you source a high quality SI1 or SI2. Color is also not too noticeable in rounds, many of my clients find they can go down to H-I-J and don't notice the warmth as they may in other cuts. Still, you’ll want to ensure you or your private jeweler inspect the stone for any ‘off paper’ imperfections like cloudiness or oils that are unique to each stone no matter the grading.  

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