Classic, Contemporary + Non Traditional Engagement Rings

February 1, 2023


Hannah Florman, private jeweler in Boston, works with every client personally when creating a custom engagement ring. This process starts with understanding the essence of personal style - which is explored through this blog post!

Working with a private jeweler means the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing every last detail of your engagement ring or fine jewelry. Typically, clients come to me with a general aesthetic in mind and as we continue to discover the style that best suits their taste, a design comes to life. Explore classic, contemporary and non-traditional engagement rings styles through some favorite designs I've created for beloved clients in the past! 

The Classics 

Classic rings are timeless and trend-resistant. Meaning that although the trends are continuously changing in this industry, these will remain a popular choice forevermore. Solitaire rings feature a center diamond with a simple band. This gives the center diamond all of the attention. The shape of the diamond is completely up to each bride, but if you are wanting to keep it classic and traditional, look no further than the next classic feature. The classics I create often feature a traditional, solitaire diamond in both round and emerald cuts. 

  1. The round brilliant cut is a popular diamond choice due to their extreme sparkle and light reflection. 
  2. The emerald cut features rectangular stones with cut edges which have been a popular choice since the 1930s. Brides love these gems because of the elongated shape which makes the stone appear bigger than others. 

The Contemporaries 

Moving on to the next category, contemporary. These engagement rings are more on the trendy, modern side and are all three very popular right now. So many of my clients come in wanting something sleek and modern, and these are always my three go-to recommendations for the bride who loves to keep up with the latest trends. 

  1. The first contemporary feature is the hidden halo. Elevate your ring without a significant financial bump with these small (yet impactful) diamonds placed just perfectly to catch your eye.
  2. My next choice for the contemporary section is the oval ring. Ovals offer a traditional spin on the round engagement ring, and are wildly popular right now. Although it can be paired with other stones, nowadays, I am designing more ovals to stand solo (and with a gold band...my favorite!). This shape is perfect for those with shorter fingers because it’s elongated shape gives off the illusion of longer, slender fingers. 
  3. Cushion cut rings are another one of my favorites and are becoming an increasingly popular choice among brides. These stones have a very unique, pillow-like shape, squarish but with rounded edges. Cushions, like ovals, can stand alone or have added stones on the side. My favorite thing about cushions is the fact that no two cushion cuts are exactly alike! 
Hannah Florman private jeweler Boston, elongated cushion cut engagement ring with tapered baguettes

The Non Traditionals 

My last three picks are those that are considered to be “non traditional.” These are for the bride who wants her ring to be unique and creative. Non-traditional engagement rings can also integrate different colored gemstones - like sapphires or rubies - that add another layer of personalization. Mixing metals with the setting and band can also add a bespoke touch to the overall design. 

  1. My first (and favorite) non-traditional ring to design is the bezel style ring. They have a nice, modern and edgy look but with a sophisticated style. Perfect for the woman who has a distinct sense of style and wants her ring to stand out from the crowd.
  2. The Toi Et Moi is next. Toi Et Moi means “you and I” in French and beautifully combines two stones in one ring. The first Toi Et Moi was created in the late 1700’s to symbolize two people coming together as one through marriage. Though these unique rings are always beautiful, the meaning behind these rings is just as special. 
  3. I am currently loving the east to west ring. Although this ring probably won’t be considered non traditional for long because it’s become very popular in the past year. The oval is considered contemporary and is very common but turning the stone sideways adds a unique spin (literally) to the traditional shape. 


Hannah Florman private jeweler Boston, bezel style engagement ring

When we start the process of custom design, you’ll get to explore all of these types with my guidance and expertise. Let’s work together! 

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