Fine Jewelry Perfect for Self Gifting

January 30, 2024


Valentine’s Day gifting often comes with all-too conservative assumptions of who should be gifting that something special, and who enjoys the most from that declaration of love. This year, we are asking our clients to redefine the narrative by crafting your own Valentine’s Day experience, by embracing the empowering act of self-gifting.

Whether you're celebrating 2024 with a career achievement, a moment in time such as a birth or milestone birthday, or simply acknowledging you are worth it - we feel passionate that everyone deserves a special token of luxury. Once you schedule a private consultation inside The Brownstone (or with us virtually), we will help guide you through the process of selecting and creating a customized treasure that not only reflects the love you deserve but also honors your life and personal achievements.

Bespoke marquise diamond earrings by Hannah Florman Fine Jewelry

Self-gifting embodies the practice of empowerment and self-love. As women, we are often asked to wear many hats—whether as a mom, partner, friend, co-worker, or daughter, it can be a lot. Many times, we sacrifice personal indulgences to fulfill the demands of everything else in our lives. You deserve to treat yourself to a unique item just for you. In our eyes, fine jewelry like an eternity band or birthstone cocktail ring embodies an endless commitment to oneself. Residing on your finger where you can see it, it serves as a lasting reminder of the success, strength, and power that you hold.

Diamonds symbolize both strength and beauty, intrinsic qualities connected to femininity. Diamond hoops or diamond drop earrings present as a perfect expression of womanhood. As your private jeweler team, we are here to assist you in creating a bespoke pair of diamond earrings you will adore for a lifetime. We’ll lean on your style inspiration and personal preferences to craft a piece that complements your unique femininity. Your distinctive vision will be our priority as we guide you through options to personalize your earrings, from selecting the ideal carat size to deciding on the perfect setting and metal.

Unique heart shaped diamond necklace, made for you by Hannah Florman Fine Jewelry

Collaborating on a piece of fine jewelry stretches you creatively and is a lasting investment, compared to the quick gratification of traditional material gifts. Consider the elegant allure of a diamond pendant or tennis necklace as the perfect self-gifting option this Valentine’s Day as something you’ll wear close to your heart. A diamond pendant necklace provides an ideal canvas to infuse a personal touch, whether through a statement stone, or a unique diamond shape. Our team can work beside you to customize a necklace you’ll be proud to wear for years to come.

The perfect transitional piece - a diamond tennis bracelet

We hope these ideas inspire you to treat yourself all year long. Remember, jewelry can be a symbolic and powerful way for an individual to express their own gratitude, forgiveness or motivation to oneself. If you’ve found yourself in a season of single hood by choice or by chance, self-gifting can be used to remind you of the promise of new opportunities on the horizon. Perhaps you’re a corporate powerhouse or small business owner, a mom on the move - your journey deserves to be celebrated.

If you’re interested, please visit our contact page to set up a consultation and start designing.

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