Proposing soon? engagement ring design inspiration from couples

February 1, 2023


There’s no better way to understand the potential of working with a private jeweler than to experience the custom process through the eyes of a client. Today, Hannah Florman, private jeweler in Boston, takes you through a journey of three different projects - all special in their own right - in hopes of helping you better envision what it may be like to create a custom engagement ring!


This round brilliant diamond engagement ring featured a  3-sided pave detailed shank and hidden diamond details under the center diamond. What did the custom design process feel like? Here are a few kind words from my client, Richard:

“From start to finish Hannah was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to educate and explain everything about the buying process and diamonds in general. Purchasing an engagement ring for most will be a once in a lifetime thing and a major purchase. I couldn't have felt more comfortable during the process and confident in the product and that was because of Hannah. Also not to mention that if you can dream it up she can build it for you. Hannah provides you with a CAD before it even goes into production. Do yourself or your significant other a favor and work with Hannah.”

Round brilliant diamond engagement ring, Hannah Florman private jeweler, engagement in Boston


For two special women, I helped them create two spectacular rings that reflected style and personality that was uniquely expressed. First, a stack of incredible diamond bands only made sense. This unique arrangement felt fresh and modern. Second, an antique halo engagement ring with an incredible gold setting. Each client came to me with very specific design ideas of what they wanted, and I helped them sketch them and bring them to life! The two were engaged on a beach in Cape Cod, surrounded by sand and a half-moon arch of sunflowers.

Antique Halo Engagement ring, Hannah Florman private jeweler in Boston
Stacked gold diamond engagement eternity bands, Hannah Florman private jeweler in Boston

Same sex couple proposal on the beach, Hannah Florman private jeweler in Boston


This ring took a lot of collaboration with the client to come to the final design. We searched for a unique extra elongated emerald cut and was originally going to do compass prongs, but because of its elongated cut the prongs were reflecting in a way we didn't like. From there, we redesigned it to a half bezel in order to accentuate the cut corners of the emerald cut while letting in optimal light. Can you imagine being proposed to in high altitude, with a ring that nearly takes your breath away all on its own?

East west style engagement ring, Hannah Florman private jeweler Boston

Let's get hitched! She said yes to this stunning elongated east west style diamond engagement ring from Hannah Florman

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