PT I: Designing your custom wedding bands

February 1, 2023


Today I’m excited to introduce you to Danielle Marcus, who works with Hannah Florman clients who are creating custom wedding bands and some fine jewelry pieces. "What is so spectacular about working with clients at Hannah Florman fine jewelry, is the ability to make their diamond dreams a reality." Read Part I on designing your custom wedding bands to learn more about our process.

Danielle started her fine jewelry career at Tiffany & Co. Additionally, Danielle spent years working as a marketing executive for various high end brands, gaining a deep understanding of what makes a company truly stand out. After creating her own engagement ring and acting as a diamond consultant for many friends, she made the intentional decision to deepen her career and expertise in fine jewelry. Danielle now indulges her passion for diamonds and couture and today, she’s sharing a few key pieces of advice on the custom wedding band design process.

Q: Danielle, can you describe your approach when it comes to creating custom diamond wedding bands for clients? 

A: What is so spectacular about working with clients at Hannah Florman fine jewelry, is the ability to make their diamond dreams a reality. The experience for our clientele is so much more intimate and meaningful.  They are deeply connected to the piece and involved in its creation oftentimes with their intended. What could be more special than a ring that was created exclusively for you!

Working with a fine jeweler means the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your unique wedding band.

Q: What is some guidance you can offer clients in terms of deciding which style suits them? 

A: Generally you want a band to complement the design and style of your engagement ring, from the cut of the diamonds to the scale. It’s really about proportions, shapes and detail and if those feel aligned then the rings will look like a natural fit. I always say, compliment by picking similar cuts and styles, or go a completely different direction and do something totally different. Often if something is just a little different, it looks like you couldn’t match your engagement ring exactly - but that’s never the case when going the custom route! Or you can opt for a statement eternity band. A wow piece that can be worn with your engagement ring or can sit entirely on its own. It is also a piece that will never go out of fashion. 

Consider how you may want to elaborate on your bands in the future. Oftentimes, clients want to layer bands for important milestones like anniversaries and the birth of their children. Stacking different but complementary bands is a versatile fun way to create a signature look. 

Proportions and style are equally important when designing your custom diamond engagement ring and wedding band set. This cushion cut engagement ring is perfectly complemented by a thin diamond wedding band.

Q: How can couples get creative with their wedding bands nowadays? 

A:  Hugging bands always create a sparkling new shape, highlighting the center diamond. They can be worn above or below or both. Adding a more geometric shape or asymmetrical element can give  striking dimension to your engagement rings. Inscriptions that are meaningful and personal to you are always a nice addition. Color is also a great way to personalize a band, like incorporating precious gems into diamond eternity bands, or using enamel or mixed metals. I also like hidden details, it’s a secret between you and yours!

A custom wedding band incorporating gemstones in a tasteful setting

Men’s bands can be more creative than one might imagine. Varying widths and finishes create very different looks. A beveled edge will give some light play and then there is always the possibility to add more sparkle with subtle but elegantly placed stones.  There are also new materials like tungsten and titanium to consider that provide different color options. It all comes down to personal style.

Hugging wedding band with a custom diamond engagement ring

Q: What is the timeline for production? 

A:  Generally, we recommend clients reach out 4 months before the wedding - the last thing you want is to be anxious or pressed for time! Design and creation of your custom wedding bands can take 4-8 weeks. 

The best way to start the custom wedding band process? Begin by trying on wedding bands during the engagement ring design phase. This will allow you to realistically feel what the ring will be like when worn with an engagement ring, and visualize the ‘complete’ paired look. Ready to get started? Contact our team to arrange a complimentary consultation in our office downtown Boston

Personally sourced gemstones, thoughtful details, and a tailored setting just for you.
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