Love x HF Story: she said yes! Veronica + Troy’s custom round solitaire engagement ring

June 22, 2023


A sentimental, sandy beach engagement for Veronica and Troy. Read more about the custom design process in this LovexHF client spotlight.

Veronica and Troy had one of the most memorable engagement stories we've heard of, made even more special with the involvement of loved ones and a relaxing destination getaway. What could be better? Read on to learn more about their custom design journey and to get inspired!

Q: Tell me a bit about your engagement ring - how does it speak to your personality or style?

A: “Troy designed a custom round brilliant diamond cut engagement ring with a hidden halo and pave band. I love the design of the round because it has a classic and timeless look. No matter how much time passes, it will always be a style that is elegant.” - Veronica

Q: What was it that originally brought you to Hannah Florman to design this beautiful piece? 

A: “What drew me to Hannah Florman, I wanted a customized experience. I did not want to go to a typical store, I wanted a tailored experience and to work with one person to achieve the exact design I had envisioned. When I spoke with Danielle on the phone, I was impressed with how thorough and knowledgeable she was. Danielle took the time to answer my specific questions and help guide me throughout this process.” - Troy

And from the designer's perspective? "When I met Troy he was insistent he wanted to do this on his own and surprise Veronica. He asked a lot of informed and smart questions and it was clear he had done his research. When we did his diamond curation I was moved by how thoughtful he was about all the details of each stone, as well as his planned proposal. It's always an honor to be a part of the story of someone's journey in life together, it is one of the great joys of working at Hannah Florman Fine Jewelry, bringing people together." - Danielle Marcus

Q: Can you describe the proposal and what made it so memorable?

A: “My family had planned a vacation to Indian shores Florida which, coincidentally, was near Veronica’s friends and family. She grew up in Tampa, Florida which is 35 minutes from Indian shores beach. This became the perfect opportunity to have everyone in one place. Once the plans were set, I started the design process with Danielle for the engagement ring. The cover story was that we had dinner plans with family later that night but would first grab a cocktail. It took some convincing to go outside because of the weather. But finally I was able to get Veronica down to the beach. I took her hands and started talking to her about our life and she slowly started to realize what was happening. I proposed and the photographer, Kyle Flemming, captured it all for us. After I proposed, she thought it was still just a dinner with her parents and my family. We drove over to what she thought was the restaurant but we pulled up to the hotel and she seemed confused. We got upstairs to the rooftop and everyone shouted surprise.

What made it memorable was the anticipation of the surprise of the proposal and part and knowing that she didn’t know but everyone who was close to Veronica knew. Being back at Don Cesar (which is where we took our first vacation together) added another level of significance to me around the proposal.” - Troy

“I grew up vacationing with my family at Indian shores so when I was told that’s where Troy’s family vacation was it brought back a lot of memories with my family. I was excited for our trip because it’s very rare that both our families are in the same state and for us to be together. The morning of our engagement, Troy said we were taking the day to just be together and meeting up with our families later on. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going and I finally realized we were going to the Don Cesar when we pulled up. That surprise alone was amazing because it’s truly a special place to us. Later that evening, we headed downstairs but I was resistant to go walk on the beach given the humidity. I’m so glad Troy convinced me! The proposal was beautiful. The photographer captured such raw emotions and memories. I’m very thankful for that. Walking to the rooftop and seeing my childhood friends and family truly made the night even more special. His thoughtfulness and attention to detail throughout this entire process is something I’ll always remember and hold close to my heart.” - Veronica

Q: What are your plans for your upcoming wedding? 

A: “As of now, we are planning on getting married in Naples in the Fall of 2024. Our wedding will have all our close friends and family. We are very excited for the next steps for the planning. We have picked out our favorite wedding bands with Danielle and can’t wait to see the final product.” - Veronica + Troy

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Photos by Kyle Fleming

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