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​​A wedding dress is for a day. A ring is for life.

For couples (especially those soon-to-be engaged) seeking refined, highly personal pieces, Hannah Florman Fine Jewelry is a modern private jeweler specializing in custom engagement rings built around stunning, globally sourced stones.

our process
The bridal process

Jewelry should be a joy — to create, to buy and to wear.

  • 01 — discuss

    We’ll start with a conversation about your vision for a custom engagement ring, preferences on stones or settings and any budget guidelines. There will also be time to ask any questions about the process.

  • 02 — discover

    Based on our initial discussion, we’ll tap our exclusive network of diamond dealers to find the ones that best serve your vision – calling in stones from across the globe. You’ll see 4-6 stones and we’ll talk through their characteristics to make a final selection.

  • 03 — design

    We’ll take inspiration from your aesthetic preferences and, using your chosen diamond, we’ll start thinking about the setting. We’ll design a ring that enhances the stone and complements the wearer, create a CAD for approval and then tap our local, expert craftspeople to bring it to life.

In 4-6 weeks, your engagement ring will be ready for its big moment.
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a modern heirloom
From past clients
“Hannah is incredible. The process was fun, calming, and I had a great story to tell. Highly highly highly recommend.​”

— Brent G.

“The service Hannah provides is truly top notch- you can tell you're getting an exceptional product.”

— Caitlyn Q.

“I am so thankful for the first class service Hannah provided acquiring an engagement ring. It was the best experience I could have had.​”

— Adam R.

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Sourced diamonds. Personal stories. Custom designs.

Cushion with Half Moon Engagement Ring
Cushion with Half Moon Engagement Ring
Round Solitaire with Pave Setting
Round Solitaire with Pave Setting
East to West Emerald Cut
East to West Emerald Cut
Boston Engagement Rings
Boston Engagement Rings
Elongated Antique Cushion Engagement Ring
Elongated Antique Cushion Engagement Ring
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Have an heirloom stone (or stones) that you'd like to incorporate into a custom piece?
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Our vows to you.

  • Ethical diamonds, always
  • Expertly crafted by master jewelers
  • Timeless design for forever
  • Complimentary resizing and cleaning
  • A lifetime warranty
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What people are saying
“Hannah Florman’s rings are a cut above the rest.”
Boston Magazine
5-Star Rating

A five star experience on Google, given by private clients all around the globe.

“My fiancé used Hannah to design my engagement ring and we could not be happier with how it came out! Her attention to detail and education of the diamond selection process was invaluable and she helped him pay for all the right things when selecting a diamond.”
5-Star Rating

A five star experience on Google, given by private clients all around the globe.

“My fiance went to Hannah Florman to design my engagement ring, and we could not be happier with how it turned out. The service that Hannah provides is truly top notch- you can tell you are getting an exceptional service and exceptional product. She provides valuable knowledge and insight at an overwhelming time, not to mention she has great taste.”
5-Star Rating

A five star experience on Google, given by private clients all around the globe.

“My partner and I worked with Hannah to design an engagement ring, and it was absolutely wonderful! Hannah was fantastic at listening to what we were looking for and communicating with us throughout the process, helping us to come up with a design we loved within our budget. The ring itself is a work of art, and my fiancé is absolutely in love with it!”
5-Star Rating

A five star experience on Google, given by private clients all around the globe.

“Hannah Florman is an amazing jewelry designer and I highly recommend her services. She helped me design the perfect engagement ring for my fiancé and the end result was absolutely stunning. Hannah was very thorough during the design process and made sure to incorporate all of my fiancé's preferences into the final product. She was also very easy to work with and always responsive to any questions or concerns I had.”
5-Star Rating

A five star experience on Google, given by private clients all around the globe.

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Is there a minimum?

We have found that our custom engagement rings tend to start around $10,000 while Fine Jewelry pieces start at $3,000. This is due to the quality of the stones we source, and our high standard of craftsmanship.

Can I bring my own stones?

Of course. We love reinventing heirloom pieces to ones the wearer will actually be excited to wear. You can supply all of the stones, or we have the ability to match and source new stones to complete the project.

How long does the process take?

Our custom process typically takes between 2-3 months to complete. However, if you have a tighter deadline to meet, don’t hesitate to reach out. Pieces like tennis bracelets, diamond riviera necklaces, and eternity bands can often take as little as 6-12 weeks.

Do I have to come with a specific design in mind?

Definitely not! That is where we come in. We will listen to your design tastes and preferences on how you want to wear the piece, and propose some initial ideas to you as a starting point to the design process. If you’re gifting a piece and don’t know where to start, the design deposit could be a perfect option!

Do you work with stones besides diamonds?

Absolutely - just like diamonds we can source the most sought after sapphires, emeralds, rubies on market, along with other precious gems.

What are some of the most popular designs?

We like to focus on pieces that can be a staple in a woman’s jewelry box, that one will never grow tired of. Diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces, diamond earrings, and fancy shape eternity bands are some of our clients’ favorites because they’re both special and timeless.


Over the years, we have cultivated a close network of diamond dealers that source the highest quality stones, and we have access to the same stones as high end stores such as Cartier, Tiffany and Harry Winston.


Diamonds sold online are often “bottom of the barrel” stones. We strongly advise against buying a stone that you (or someone you trust) can’t feel or touch. Although the GIA grading system is reliable, there are idiosyncrasies that make each stone respond visually in a different way than the numbers might suggest. This is part of the vetting process we offer with our services so that you are only presented with the most spectacular stones.


Like a custom suit or wedding dress, having a handmade setting means that it’s been made for the exact dimensions of your stones. This allows the minimal amount of metal required to accommodate its design and structure, resulting in a more beautiful final product. Our pieces are made by experts in the industry, utilizing multiple bench workers who specialize in each step of the process such as casting, polishing, and setting.


Yes, we work with clients from all over the world. You’ll receive high quality video and photos of the stones (say goodbye to those unhelpful 10x zoomed photos and hello to helpful shots taken on our desk), and we will work via zoom and email to perfect your design.


Of course! We work with our clients in all sorts of arrangements. Some prefer their partner is just on the initial phone call, while others want them along for the entire process. Prices can stay confidential, and of course timeline as well, so we don’t ruin any surprises!


Yes, we want to make sure our clients get exactly what they dream of, and often a lab is a great way to accomplish this depending on budget. However, we want to make sure our clients know the pros and cons of lab versus natural, which we like to go over with each client on a more personal level. You can view our blog post with some general pointers here.


Nope! Although many jewelry retailers mark up “custom” pieces, this shouldn’t be the case. By handpicking your custom stones and metals with a private jeweler, you can actually save money. We’ll work with you to deliver custom jewelry that brings you the most value for your budget.


Every custom piece comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Here’s what you should know about this type of warranty:

You Can Void It
Should you bring our ring to an outside jeweler for resizing or repairs, this will void it as we cannot be held accountable for any outside work on their jewelry. Each jeweler is independent of each other so it’s best to continue with your original jeweler for the best results. The jeweler who crafts the ring and knows their product is able to better take care of necessary adjustments without complication.

Normal Wear & Tear
Your manufacturing warranty covers anything that can be drawn back to the manufacturing process. Anytime your design has small diamonds incorporated, you’ll likely run into stone loss with time. This is completely normal and an easy fix. However, there’s a difference between losing a stone because you’re moving furniture vs. losing a stone out of the blue.We inspect each ring carefully to determine the cause of the damage and if the repair is covered under our warranty. If we find the damage to be the fault of the wearer, we will happily repair your ring, but the cost will be passed along to you. For example, if we find a diamond is missing because a prong is broken or lifted, this is an indication the wearer damaged their ring and would not be covered under the warranty.

Taking proper care of your ring will minimize the amount of stone loss you experience, but any loss that doesn’t quite make sense may be manufacturing related which this type of warranty covers.