What is your MNTRA?

I’m motivated by the belief that when repeated, a few syllables can guide an internal, rhythmic meditation, leaving the body charged with it’s transferred energy. Behind the indestructible diamond, inscribed onto metal, is your MNTRA. A battle hymn to carry with you everywhere.


The front of MNTRA, elegant and simple, holds a platform for the private words inscribed on the back, giving you alone the power to navigate your everyday. Whether it’s a power, a reminder, or a person you want to hold close, MNTRA guides your personal journey through repetition, mindfulness, and the energy it holds.



Shortly after my mother passed away, I went through her jewelry box to find something of hers to wear. I came across a gold bar and with Hindu in the front, and its translation, “Fearless,” in the back. It had been given to her when she was first diagnosed with cancer and she wore it everyday, as I did ever since finding it.


This necklace ended up giving me much more than a memory of my mother. By wearing her necklace, I’ve carried her fearlessness with me to college and law school. It’s sat with me through the bar exam, and traveled up to the 25th floor as I began my career as a litigation attorney. And finally, I carried it with me when I decided to leave my law job and start my jewelry line.

After wearing the necklace for many years I realized that I can carry my mom's strength and wisdom with me through her jewelry. My MNTRA reads, "I carry you with me. I carry you in my heart." I wear it to keep my mom and her strength close, but also to constantly remind me of my own.

With your MNTRA, you will find your source of inner strength.

Order your MNTRA

All MNTRA necklaces are made by hand in Boston, MA.

Available in 14k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold, and 14k Rose Gold and in two sizes (x mm and x mm)


All necklaces come on a 14k Gold 16 inch chain.


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