The go-to guide: designing heirloom engagement rings & fine jewelry

There are some really stunning ways to repurpose heirloom diamonds or gemstones into a custom engagement ring or piece of fine jewelry. It can hold sentimental value but also be a way to express your individual style with a sustainable spin. Using heirloom stones takes quite a bit of skill and vision - lean on the expertise and trust your private jeweler’s recommendations along the way. Today, I’m sharing a few pieces of advice that you may find useful if considering using heirloom stones in a new piece of jewelry.

Style Moment: Boston's best personal stylist Alisa Neely of Style Scout

Today's Style Moment highlights Alisa Neely, a sought after personal stylist for distinguished clients throughout the Boston region and around the country. We've worked together on many occasions and Alisa is here to share her best style advice - from how to refresh your wardrobe to accessorizing.

The go-to guide on pricing for round cut engagement rings

Is a spectacular, sophisticated round cut diamond engagement ring on your mind? This diamond engagement ring cut has increased in popularity over the last few years taking a cue from celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Mila Kunis sporting these stunning designs for their own nuptials. The round diamond is the epitome of style, sophistication and impact. In this Q&A, I’ll summarize the best way to maximize your engagement ring purchase. 

Ask A Custom Engagement Ring Designer

As a private jeweler creating custom engagement rings, I have the opportunity to work closely with so many clients who often come into the process who share questions - from exploring design possibilities to maximizing their budget and more. 

The go-to guide on pricing for cushion cut engagement rings

One of the most popular cuts, cushion cuts have the appearance of pillows (square-ish shape with rounded corners). These are an incredibly versatile stone that looks great alone, with a pave band, or with accent side stones. This Q&A will help answer some of the commonly asked questions around cushion cuts and give you a few valuable insights when it comes to maximizing your budget.

Popping the question? Take inspiration from these recently engaged clients

Every single engagement ring is so different from the next, and working with clients to create a piece that’s truly custom to their style and needs is exciting. I love hearing about the engagement proposals to follow, and I'm sharing three beautiful beginnings with you today. Enjoy!