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February 1, 2023


With proper care of your fine jewelry, your pieces will not only look better but last a lifetime! Hannah Florman, private jeweler in Boston, shares four simple habits for cleaning, storing and wearing your fine jewelry will ensure they always stay brilliant and intact.

When in doubt, take it off. 

Questioning whether or not to take off your jewelry or leave it on? If it’s ever in question, a good rule of thumb is to go ahead and take it off, just to be safe. The swimming pool, gym and kitchen are three examples of when it is always best to take off your fine jewelry and leave it in a safe place. This will protect your pieces from chemicals and ensure that they aren’t damaged, disoriented or better yet — misplaced… you don’t want to lose your diamond earring in the ocean like Kim Kardashian!

Store it in a safe place.

The best place to store your fine jewelry is in a closed jewelry box, away from light and air. While it may be easier to just set it on your nightstand, a jewelry box ensures that all jewelry is carefully protected and not scratched. For sterling silver, wrapping your jewelry in anti-tarnish cloth will help too. Necklaces that can be easily tangled could also live inside a simple small plastic or cloth bag with the clasp hanging out. 

Clean it regularly.

Gently clean your jewelry with water and a soft cloth to remove dust, skin oils and makeup. While deep scratches or broken parts cannot be fixed without a professional jeweler, cleaning and minor repairs can be done easily in the comfort of your home!

With every purchase, I include a Cleaning Kit that’s super easy to use. Simply brush the diamond, rinse in warm water, then dry with a lint-free soft cloth. Be gentle and let air dry!

Do not soak the following in jewelry cleaners: opals, emeralds, onyx, turquoise, or other porous gemstone jewelry. Instead, I recommend gently washing it with warm (not hot) water.

Put it on last when getting ready.

The simple task of putting jewelry on at the end of your routine can have the biggest impact over time. Soap, lotion, sunscreen, perfume, makeup, hairspray and other daily products contain chemicals that will damage your jewelry. So when you are getting ready, do everything else first (clothes, hair, makeup, body lotion, perfume) and leave all jewelry in the case until you are ready to wear it.

When we work together, you’ll go home with a full diamond care kit including a cleaning solution, wipe and protective boxes! Excited to work together? Let’s design something beautiful.

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